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The Opened Key [5]

“Come here.” Jin Ming Xian actually avoided Moya’s gaze.

“Oh.” Moya originally had already stood close to Jin Ming Xian. Now, she had walked even closer.

The wind blew gently at the bamboo leaves and they quietly stroked at Jin Ming Xian’s hair…Jin Ming Xian pulled at Moya’s hand…His expression was a bit awkward…

“….” Moya widened a pair of frightened eyes and stared at Jin Ming Xian. “You…” Jin Ming Xian peered at Moya. “What?” Moya’s hand had become cold due to Jin Ming Xian’s intense stare. Jin Ming Xian lowered his head and placed Moya’s hand at his heart…

Moya’s face became red like a tomato. “Do you feel it?” Jin Ming Xian calmly asked this.  “Feel…” Moya was a bit absent-minded. Her face looked as though it would’ve been cooked. “Feel what?” Jin Ming Xian raised his head, the rainbow-colored sunlight shined on his beautiful face.

“Key.” “Key….” At this time, Moya’s hand had lost its feeling. She simply couldn’t have felt what she had touched in her hand. Jin Ming Xian placed Moya’s hand down.

He took off a chain from his throat. A blue-green pendant hanged from the chain… “This?” Moya harshly took a breath in her heart! If she had a heart disease, she would’ve died due to that.

“I…haven’t decided whether I love you or not…” Jin Ming Xian’s eyes were as clear as the clear springs on the snowy mountains.

“….” Moya looked at him quietly. Even if he hadn’t explained, Moya knew.

“But…” Jin Ming Xian placed the key pendant in her hands.

“I decided to give you the key to open my heart.” The bamboo leaves swayed against the wind and it rustled continuously. Moya’s blush was more visible.

A drop of sweat left Moya’s forehead. However, Moya still accepted his gift. After all, it’s not easy to let Jin Ming Xian give a gift out! Plus this chain seemed to be very valuable…But…How come her mouth still revealed an unconscious smile…

In the setting sun, the balcony of the three-story building…A melancholy young man played a lonely note…The sound of the flute floated…It had moved each of the passers-by…

Jin Ming Xian stopped the race car down at the building…Moya stared at Hao Jun You who had his gaze on her right now, stunned. “Senior Jun You…” She seemed to have forgotten about something…

“Get off!” Jin Ming Xian suddenly harshly pushed her from the back! “What happen?” Moya took away her gaze on Hao Jun You.

“Didn’t you say you have something to tell me?”

She had that feeling that she had forgotten something about Hao Jun You…She felt as though the lonely flute notes were related to her…Moya’s eyes turned unconsciously towards Hao Jun You…

“Get off!!” Jin Ming Xian rudely opened the car door.

“What is wrong with you?!” Moya was slightly angry. This flute made her mood irritable, as though something important was urging her to call her.

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