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Translator: lilcupcakez

F Class’s Legend [2]

“Pa!” The old professor’s handout was soaked with sweat becoming illegible. He raised his glasses and looked down…

Hao Jun You still didn’t arrive yet (he’s usually not late). Jing Ming Xian stared outside the window while Si Ming seemed to have fallen asleep. The rest of the students were quiet…and the old professor didn’t want to keep thinking about it. Is this what it means by the calm before the storm?

“Hello! I am the new student Moya!~” Moya excitedly walked to the door saying it with confidence… “Professor?! Professor, what happened?!!!” Moya ran into the room to hold onto the professor who was about to fall.

“You…you..” The old professor stared at Moya, his hand clutched his heart! “Are you trying to scare me!” He thought the students were going to prank him again.

“Sorry.” Her face shameful.

“Are you okay?” Hao Jun You smiled and walked out from behind Moya.

“Ah, Jun You ah.” With the help of Moya, the old professor stood up. “It’s no problem.” His hand never leaving his heart. He looked towards Moya, “You said you are the new student?”

“Yeah” Moya smiled sweetly.

“Second year F class?!” The old professor fell into desperation. This girl is so sweet. She must love to play around!~

“Yes,” Moya responded confidently.

“Ah~” The old professor’s expression was stiff. “Who let you come to this class?” It couldn’t be that XX had introduced her here now, could it?

“The principal.”

“The principal?” The old professor stood up straight. “Your name is Moya?”

“Yes.” Moya straightened herself.

“That’s funny!” There was a buzz from the students’ desks. “How can you stay in F class?!” Si Ming used his hand to hold onto his chin and stared at Moya unfriendly.

“That’s right, she’s just a girl who came from the village.” Hu Lin knocked on the table as a habit (Going crazy from learning to play the drum). “What do you think Lan You?” He looked towards Lan You who was listening to music on his MP4.

“Hm?” Lan You looked up in confusion at Hu Lin obviously too immersed in his music.

“Well, I think that’s pretty good!” Jian Shan grinned widely at Moya. “You have a good figure. Do you know how to dance?”

“Finally there’s a girl who knows how to draw.” Liu He took out a pencil and measure it professionally.

“….” Jin Ming Xian looked away from the window, instead focused on looking at Moya (To the point where rockets could be flying out of his eyes).

Moya was still shocked by looking at her classmates. What is wrong with her?! Did she came to a comic book?! Due to the shock, Moya didn’t hear everyone’s discussion of her.

“Hey! Idiot! I’m talking to you!” Si Ming glared at Moya angrily.

“What?!” Due to his yelling, Moya finally snapped out of her trance. “Who are you calling an idiot?!” Moya also glared back ‘strongly’.

“You ah~ Idiot.” Si Ming yawned and peered at Moya with judgemental eyes.

“You are the idiot!” Moya raised her voice. Lan You who was listening to his music raised his head too and looked at the girl who resembled an angry hen.

“Say it again!” Si Ming stood up from his seat.

“Dumb! Who is that dumb to let others repeat the insult?!” Hu Lin used his elbow to poke at Si Ming.

“No, I said it wrong,” Moya revealed a mysterious smile.

“What?” Due to the sudden change in Moya’s attitude, Si Ming wasn’t able to react.

“You are not an idiot, you are….” Moya’s expression slowly turned serious. “Blue hair monster!” Moya projected her voice once more while pronouncing these three words.

“You!” Si Ming was so angry he couldn’t respond.

“Yes! Being the student of such a well-known school – Qingtan, why don’t you know to cherish being able to learn in these conditions which everyone is envious of! How dare you slack off and sleep in class! (She was making this up, she didn’t know if that was the case). You also dyed your hair blue. From this, it can be concluded you don’t respect the teacher or the school! All of that is fine. What makes it worse is you are bullying a weak girl like me! From this, it can be told that you are not a man! In summary, I, Moya, inferred you are a weirdo! And about the blue hair…” Moya made a thinking expression. “When you change your hair to another color, I can also change it.”

“You….!” Pang! Si Ming not being able to take it anymore sat back down in his seat.

“…..” Hao Jun You while smiling, walked up to Moya’s side. “Moya is actually a very simple girl. Please don’t judge her. From now on, we’re a group of 8!”

“Moya…Moya….” The old professor held onto Moya’s hand as though she is his savior. “Good student ah~” The old professor’s eyes became teary~

Ding~ Dear students ~ Class is over ~

Qingtan’s special bell rang…

“Good student ah~” The old professor shook his ears. “Class is over ah~ I’m going to leave now~ Students take care~” Disappearing from Moya’s sight.

“Wow~!” Moya used her hand to cover the sunlight and looked in the direction where the teacher last left. “Old and strong ah~”

“Humph” Jin Ming Xian stood up and walked past Moya without any expression.

“Ming Xian, you are leaving?” Hao Jun You smiled and patted Jin Ming Xian’s shoulder.

“Hm” After saying this, Jin Ming Xian left.

Moya muttered behind his back and stuck her tongue out! This stingy person! She didn’t even sell his Ferrari yet!

The students all faced one another in the classroom. They looked at Si Ming’s red face…finally their lives aren’t going to be so boring anymore…

T/N: Heya, this is a double update~ I’ll do this every now and then so look forward to this! Happy reading everyone ^_^

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