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Chapter 31: Get lost

Heeyun felt relieved at the feeling of her spear penetrating the body.

"We did it…!"

But the pain came from her stomach. Dohyuk had kicked her away, or else she would have died.

Kyuho's hand swung in the air. His attack was so powerful that it would kill anyone at once. Dohyuk pushed Kyuho off of him. It wasn't finished yet. Dohyuk then kicked the critical points and before he could finish it off with his last kick,


That message popped up. The feeling he felt as he kicked was not a body, but a soft something. Kyuho's body that was thrown all the way back was now pushing the spear out from it. Gray liquid began to pour out from the wound and from all of Kyuho's openings. It was now covering him up entirely.

"D-don't worry… I.. It's… my god… doing it… he l-loves… me…."

"I L-lost… so I w-will handle it… pro-promise…"

Dohyuk did not drop his guard. His gut was telling him it was the same. It was the same when he defeated Changhun. Dohyuk reached out to his gaiter with his hand.


The gaiter disappeared and messages popped up.






He heard that Dohyuk's Nature absorbed item skills and lowered the levels, but as for the skill, it was able to consume it without no harm done.


-Coins: 52991

He now had some coins. Dohyuk turned.

"Heeyun, give me the ring. And…"

In the previous life, they came here in search of food. Then it had to have that.

"Can you spread it? As much as you can."

Heeyun understood immediately and began running to the other side. Dohyuk then turned to Kyuho again. He was fighting against something, and was now fully recovered.

"N-no! It-it's my Dohyuk! I lost! I don't want to be a…!"

Dohyuk placed his hand on the ring and spoke.





-Coins: 81083

Dohyuk calmly proceeded to do what he needed to do.



-Strength: 102(+2)(D)

-Stamina: 83(+10)(D)

-Agility: 85(+2)(D)

-Magic: 2(+3)(F)

-Endurance: 91(+8)(D)

-Charisma: 35(+3)(E)

"AHHH! Let go of me! NOOO! F*CKKKK!"

Kyuho screamed as he tried to fight back, but at some point, he became silent and stood up. He had lost control over his body. It wasn't Kyuho anymore that was now glaring at Dohyuk.

"…I knew it."

"You knew?" the one controlling Kyuho asked.

"Of course. I've been through it a few times. So, you're that Eudevich?"

"You are right. You…"

"How would I not know when you pop up with all those messages!" Dohyuk shouted. "I don't know what you want to say, but you don't need to say anything. I know what you are trying to say anyway, you assh*le."

"Puny insect. How dare you provoke me… I will rip you apart and make you pay for your insolence!"

"F*ck you, b*tch!" Dohyuk cursed, "You all came out of nowhere and messed up my world, and you want my respect? F*ck you!"


Dohyuk did not hide his anger. What was next was foreseeable. He would control Kyuho's body to beat him up. And then? He'd either die or that insane psycho girl will come out and finish it up.


It was going to be bad either way.

"I won't let you all do whatever you want to do."


"So… get lost, you bastard!"

Dohyuk flew at Eudevich and kicked. Eudevich dodged, but before he could counterstrike, Dohyuk activated Challenger's Bet.

Dohyuk twisted his body to continue with his second attack. Eudevich couldn't dodge it and instead blocked it with his liquid-covered arm. Dohyuk continued with the series of attacks.

'I can't beat him with technique.'

That's why he decided. He used all his coins and digested two rank items.

-Agility: 166(+2)(D)

'Strength or Stamina is similar… maybe I have more.'

Then what he was lacking was technique. He then decided to close the gap by increasing Agility.


It was exceptionally high, and no one had reached that at the current point. This allowed Dohyuk to fight against the body that was controlled by a god on equal terms.

'Not enough.'

The liquid that covered Kyuho seemed to have damage reduction as well, and all those attacks powered by Challenger's Bet did not seem to do much damage.


Dohyuk bit his lips and blood came out, but he couldn't feel anything. He was too focused on the enemy.


"You are good but a mere human cannot…"

But Dohyuk had achieved it.


-Over the Horizon.

He reached it.


His body remembered being controlled by Ka'Kudenol. There was the memory of the attack that she made. Dohyuk was half out of his mind that he couldn't think about using it. It was the only attack to overcome a god's defense.



Dohyuk kicked, and Eudevich's arm was thrown off, breaking off his guard. Then Dohyuk brought his leg down at Eudevich's body which was vulnerable. With a loud bang, Kyuho's body was thrown to the back.

"What… how is this happening…!" Eudevich exclaimed in shock. "But it's too late. You are not worthy of using such skill."

Dohyuk's leg was now shaking. He now maybe only had one or two more chances to attack in this state. However, Kyuho's body was still battle ready. Dohyuk lacked power.

"This world is so wonderful… to see two fruits already. But you will die here. I like this man."

"…Are you done talking?" Dohyuk demanded, "Shut up and go on. I don't have much time."


"Did you think I was just standing still to let you talk?"

Dohyuk listened carefully to the sound of water. Eudivich can also hear the faint sound of water pouring down. It was coming from a plastic bottle littered along the road.

"Hah… hah…"

Heeyun panted as she opened the last bottle and dropped all the water to the ground. This was what Dohyuk asked of her at the beginning.

Dohyuk jumped. It was going to the last attack, whichever outcome it would bring. Dohyuk then activated his new skill.


[User can control the water nearby freely to aid the user's movements. The amount of water that can be controlled is related to the user's strength and agility. Contributes to muscle fatigue. Its usage varies from collecting water from the ground to make a needle out of water.]

Dohyuk's legs grew tense. With his movement, all the water rose along with him. What moved was a thick surge of water along with his leg.

"If you can dodge it…"

Challenger's Bet

"Then try it."

Dohyuk kicked with the water. Water exploded and shrouded everything, but Dohyuk kicked again and again. The water exploded against Kyuho, but continued to gather together to strike again as he kicked. Kyuho's body wasn't damaged, but all the liquid that covered him was now being washed away. When Kyuho was freed from the liquid, Dohyuk looked into Kyuho's eyes and the god within Kyuho also saw Dohyuk. Before he could say anything-


-Over the Horizon

Dohyuk stated, "Get lost."

And with that, he kicked Kyuho's stomach with all his might.



The agonized scream from a god was heard and Dohyuk checked the last message that popped up.



Dohyuk then slumped down. At this moment, he was the same as the man in his previous life: the one who stood up against a god and fought.

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