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Chapter 769: My Little Sister Is The Best!

Huo Yao looked at her father and nodded with a straight face. “Let’s bring Goofy in first.”

“Sure.” Huo Jinyan promptly got distracted and stopped asking about the password. He bent over to pick up the cardboard box on the ground and went into the apartment.

He had already called Huo Tingrui before coming here, and knew that Huo Tingrui was out seeing clients tonight. He wouldn’t be back anytime soon.

The moment they entered the living room and saw the mess it was in, Huo Yao cleared her throat and said suspiciously, “Dad, did we get into the wrong house?”

The coffee table was littered with melon seed shells, candy wrappers, fruit peel, and dozens of empty beer cans. There were strange streamers hanging on the couch and there was confetti on the ground. From the looks of it, someone had just had a party here.

Huo Jinyan carried the box expressionlessly. Moments later, he scoffed coldly.

From the looks of it, Huo Tingrui was having a ball, celebrating after dumping Goofy in Huo Jinyan’s care and making him nearly sprain his back while taking care of his son’s dog.

Did Huo Tingrui think he could get away just by avoiding home?

Huo Tingrui was absolutely naive!

Huo Yao looked at her father’s expression from the corner of her eye. She secretly prayed and lit a candle in her heart for her stupid second older brother without saying a word. She bent over and undid Goofy’s leash so that he could move around.

Now that he was in a new environment, the dog got very excited and didn’t seem uncomfortable about the new surroundings.

Huo Yao quickly took the box from Huo Jinyan. She retrieved Goofy’s water and food bowl and placed them on the ground before putting in some dog food and water to ensure he had enough to eat and drink.

After she was done, the two of them left the estate.

On the way home, Huo Yao took out her phone and sent her second older brother a text message after contemplating briefly: [Brother Tingrui, your son destroyed Dad’s Song Dynasty blue and white porcelain vase. He is in a foul mood, so you have to watch out.]

Huo Tingrui felt so flustered when he received this text message that he was no longer in the mood to dine with his colleagues.

He replied to Huo Yao: [Did Dad say anything else?]

[Nothing at all.]

Huo Tingrui felt even more anxious. It felt even more intimidating when he learned that his father had nothing to say.

He waved his hand when his colleague asked him what he wanted to order and turned sideways to continue texting his little sister: [Yao, you have to help calm him down, okay? He listens to everything you say. I won’t be coming home for the time being.]

If Goofy Huo got into trouble, his father would never blame the dog. Instead, he would be blamed for the dog’s mistakes.

He would probably lose his legs if he went home.

Huo Yao sent him an emoticon of an obedient face.

Huo Tingrui thought his little sister had agreed to speak on his behalf and instantly sighed. He felt fortunate that his little sister had warned him about this. What would he do without her?

If he went home without knowing about this matter, he would have been dead meat.

Huo Yao raised her brow as she replied with the same emoticon before putting her phone away.

Huo Tingrui did not continue texting her. His colleague turned and asked. “Oh yes. After dinner, let’s go have fun at your place.”

Huo Tingrui’s mind was preoccupied when he heard about the foul mood his father was in. He wasn’t in the mood to have fun any longer, so he shook his head. “Erm… I am busy tonight.”

The moment he finished his sentence, he told his other friends at the table that he had other stuff to take care of and would not be hanging out with them later.

Everyone parted ways after dinner and Huo Tingrui drove back to his estate.

He walked up to his door and placed his index finger on the digital lock. The door opened with a click.

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