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1771 Instigation

Huo Qing raised his hand to point at the living room and gestured for Huo Wanying to take a seat inside.

“In reality, I don’t know much about your Second Uncle’s condition either.”

Huo Qing shook his head and smiled sadly.

Huo Wanying frowned quizzically. “You don’t know either?”

“Uh huh.” Huo Qing poured Huo Wanying a glass of water. After handing it to her, he said, “You probably don’t know yet but your Second Uncle’s niece is here.”

Huo Wanying was stunned. “Second Uncle’s niece?”

“Hmm.” Huo Qing nodded. “She was swapped at birth and grew up in the countryside.”

“She can come if she wants to. What does it have to do with Second Uncle’s condition?” Huo Wanying looked at Huo Qing and felt increasingly puzzled.

“Wanying, his niece is no ordinary character.” Huo Qing sighed. “After she returned, she did not pay her respects to her elders. When Master Jinfeng got hospitalized, she forcibly stopped anyone and everyone from visiting. We have been unable to take even a single look at him.”

“Why would she do that?” Huo Wanying was very concerned by now.

Huo Qing choked on hearing the question. After some time, he said in concern, “I know you don’t care about status, but can you say the same for her? She intimidated us as a show of strength the moment she got here. Considering her actions, don’t you know what she wants?”

Huo Wanying went quiet briefly. “How did Uncle Changfeng react?”

“He naturally defended her. Even though he watched you grow up, he…”

Huo Qing did not go further and stopped mid-sentence.

He knew Huo Wanying was a prideful woman. Now that someone without the slightest contribution to the family wanted to step all over her, she naturally would not take it lying down.

Huo Wanying frowned. She put down the cup and stood up. “I’m going to the hospital.”

“It’s too late. Also, I’m sure you’re exhausted from all that travel. You should rest first and visit the hospital tomorrow,” suggested Huo Qing.

Huo Wanying pondered and nodded. “Okay then.”

“Since you’re back, we don’t have to rush into anything. I’ll always be on your side.” Huo Qing patted Huo Wanying’s shoulder and spoke profoundly.

Huo Wanying’s eyes glinted. But she simply nodded and replied. “I’m going back to my room first.”

She went upstairs the moment she finished her sentence.

Huo Qing looked at the staircase and smiled slightly.

Before long, he entered the villa.

The next day.

Huo Yao woke up early in the morning. She took the watering can and went to the rear garden and watered the herbs.

During the past few days, she had been watering the garden for Huo Jinfeng.

Huo Yulin stood on the second floor quietly watching her for a few minutes before he went downstairs.

“One night has passed. Have you figured out how to explain things to me?”

Huo Yao was still bent over watering the garden. The moment she heard Huo Yulin, her hand trembled until she nearly emptied all the water in the watering can.

Huo Yao turned back looking annoyed. “Brother Yulin, you’ve changed.”

Huo Yulin went speechless.

“The reason I went to the count’s residence is simple enough.” Huo Yao sighed. “But I have a feeling you won’t like listening to it, Brother Yulin.”

“Uh huh. Just try me.” Huo Yulin quietly looked at his little sister. “Even if you are just trying to patronize me, I still want to know how you do it.”

“Min Yu went there last night, right? I simply promised to attend the banquet with him.” Huo Yao shrugged. “I was afraid you wouldn’t like it, so I didn’t dare to tell you.”

Huo Yulin was quiet.

He genuinely did not like the answer.

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