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Chapter 665

Zizhu Mountain covered a vast area . In order to lure away the chasers of Hunyuan Sect, Bo Qing kept running all the way without cease .

Earlier, Bo Qing always idled away the time . Those years, he barely learnt any skills of the Magic Sect but became good at running away .

When he was young, Bo Qing was an annoying trouble-maker . Every time he made trouble, his father would chase after him around the No Love Sect and he ran as fast as a monkey .

The dozens of followers of Hunyuan Sect kept chasing after Bo Qing . Every time they were about to catch him, he would vanish without trace .

But just as they were about to give up, Bo Qing would appear out of nowhere then .

Soon Jun Yu realized that Bo Qing seemed to playing tricks on them and had no intention to fight with them .

Jun Yu suddenly thought of something .

“Gosh! We are lured away! Go back to the mountain!”

Earlier, Jun Yu just wanted to catch Bo Qing and did not give much thought to the latter’s hidden intention . Only now did he realize that Bo Qing’s companions might be waiting for a chance to take away the rest bamboos .

But it was late for Jun Yu to rush back .

“Wanna leave? Not that easy!” Something red flashed before them .

Whoosh! A jade bell attached to a red silk thread hit one follower of Hunyuan Sect right on the back .

The man gave a shrill cry when his chest bones were broken into pieces . He vomited a mouthful of blood and fell awkwardly to the ground .

It turned out that Bo Qing had taken out the Beidou Huanyuan Bell . As Ye Lingyue had said earlier, after the bell killed one follower of Hunyuan Sect, the sword mix was thrown into chaos .

The bell found the target and launched the attack as if there was no barrier at all . Right after the hit, it quickly went back to Bo Qing’s hand .

The red silk thread was stained with blood and went thicker . The bloody smell was apparent .

“You know what? Because of you, I suffered a great loss today . Let me think how I should torture you to death one by one . ” Bo Qing humphed, showing a sullen look on his charming face .

He was about to kiss his beloved girl when the bastards of Hunyuan Sect spoiled the good moment .

Jun Yu and his companions were in shock, having no idea when they had offended Bo Qing .

Jun Yu suddenly realized that the young master of No Love Sect was harder to deal with than he had imagined .

After a while of fluster, Jun Yu regained his composure .

“Reset the mix . ”

Bo Qing only killed one person in the sword mix . Jun Yu was himself an expert swordsman and certainly could reset the mix with the other followers .

The dozens of young men and women concentrated their Yuan energy . Then there flew out a heavy sword and a sword shaped like a willow leaf .

All of a sudden, those expert swordsmen sent out greater domineering air .

Bo Qing glanced at the two swords and gave a mocking smile . With a turn of the wrist, there appeared a Thunder Bead in his hand .

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Without saying anything, Bo Qing threw the explosive bead onto the heavy sword .

The bead contained enormous force of the thunder . Right after the explosion, there was the ceaseless rumbling of the thunder .

Standing in the sword mix, Jun Yu suddenly felt struck by bolts of lightning . There was a piercing pain in his chest . He managed to protect himself with the Yuan energy . Unluckily, the other followers of Hunyuan Sect had no time to fight back and were burned to death instantly .

“You! How vicious you are!” Jun Yu tried hard to stand firm though fresh blood had already gushed out from his nose and mouth .

There was a menacing look in Bo Qing’s eyes . He waved his hands and another Thunder Bead appeared in his hand .

“Tut-tut, Hunyuan Sect is just so-so . The sword mix is all you have . ”

Jun Yu gasped and gazed at Bo Qing with terror .

The women swordsmen all turned pale instantly .

“You bastard! How dare you insult our Hunyuan Sect?”

Just when Jun Yu and his companions were waiting for their doom, there was a solemn shout in the air .

The shout was full of force and power .

At this time, appearing together with rays of dazzling light were dozens of people in the air .

When seeing the comers, Jun Yu and his companions found a way out and shouted altogether .

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Bo Qing looked over and saw a robust man in his fifties followed by dozens of men .

These men had full foreheads and carried much more precious spiritual artifacts than the swords of Jun Yu and his companions .

At first glance, Bo Qing could tell these men were the core forces of the outer sect . Some of them were even from the inner sect .

Their head was Elder Gu, the leader of the outer sect who went out on a training mission .

Originally, Elder Gu was training with another group of followers somewhere else .

Last night, Elder Gu heard from Jun Yu and knew that the Ghost Emperor of the Underground Palace and the head of Yan City appeared together in the City of Mercenaries . Jun Yu and his companions had rushed there to monitor the situation, waiting for Elder Gu to start the fight .

“Jun Yu, what happened? Have you got the bamboo?” Elder Gu found that Jun Yu was injured and there remained only half of Jun Yu’s followers . Instantly, there was a sullen look on his face .

“Master, I am useless . I was lured away by the enemy . He is the young master of No Love Sect and owns a great many spiritual artifacts . So we easily fell into his trap . ”

Jun Yu clenched his fists .

He had planned to win the honor by killing Bo Qing before Elder Gu arrived . Unexpectedly, the plan backfired .

“Poor thing! Get moving! Cang Song, you take the group and follow Jun Yu . You must find the bamboo and other members of the Magic Sect . ” Elder Gu had heard of Bo Qing’s fame as a “Treasure Collector” .

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It was said that Bo Qing was born lucky . ‘If I can grab the man . . . ’ Elder Gu sneered .

“Master, what about him?” Jun Yu asked .

“Cut the crap . Leave him to me! You think I cannot deal with such a fledgling of the Magic Sect?” Elder Gu treated Bo Qing with disdain .

The man called Cang Song took the order and rushed towards Zizhu Mountain with Jun Yu and his companions .

“Humph! Wanna leave? No way!” Bo Qing had promised Ye Lingyue to stall for time and certainly wouldn’t let them go .

With a move, the Beidou Huanyuan Bell in his hand flew into the air all of a sudden .

The bell went buzzing and the sound was quite pleasing .

Then a ray of red light was given off by the bell .

Wherever the red light reached, the followers of Hunyuan Sect were in a daze .

“The visional art of No Love Sect! Ha ha, you are indeed somebody . But you will meet your doom today . ” Elder Gu burst out laughing .

On his large palms appeared a large bronze bell .

The bell jumped into the air and started spinning, colliding with the Beidou Huanyuan Bell .

Seeing that bell, Bo Qing showed a trace of shock though he was always fearless .

That was a mid-level sky grade spiritual artifact, the Demon Suppressing Bell used to conquer the Magic Sect .

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