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Chapter 516 "The First Ninth Realm Reincarnation Dan Pill (p1)"

“Junior Sister, you don’t have to worry about it, the kid wouldn't dare to move forward after fleeing to the fifth cave tunnel. After we get our hands on the said pill, I will then help you take the king's head. By that time, the entirety of Da Xia would become your family's. Aren't you happy?" Luo Song dismisses the failure and easily makes a promise which he couldn't keep.

Giving a nod in return, Hong Ming Yue knew the man was right in light of those flattering words. The most important matter is the pill. I can deal with the rest afterwards.

Meanwhile over at the fifth cave tunnel, the group that's barely managed to escape death had only just materialized into existence from being transported with the help of the jade tablet.

For Feng Xue (girl) and Liu Cheng (boy), both of them were still showing shock and disbelief on their faces. That Hong Ming Yue actually wanted to kill the Sixth Prince!

It's true he teamed up with Hong Ming Yue and the others, but that's only a cooperative relationship, hardly a trustworthy one. Besides, he's perfectly aware of their ambitions and had on multiple occasions brought the issue up with his father the king. It's just that the man never took heed of his advice, claiming Old Lord Hong could be trusted since he's been an official for three dynasties.

They only didn't rebel because the timing isn't right, but now…. At the thought, the boy's fist immediately clenched into a ball.

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“The members of the Hong House is too much. Your Highness, why don't we leave this place right now and vex them to death." Feng Xue suggests, steaming still over their situation and the treasonous actions of those people.

According to the rules of the Dan Palace, if someone leaves the Star Cave then the entire team would also be transported out of the place. That means Hong Ming Yue and the others would be forced to depart as well and lose their opportunity for further exploration if they do so now. That's a great way for them to get payback and a fine choice by most in these circumstances.

The fifth cave tunnel was relatively safe if he puts everything into consideration. For one, even if they do encounter some other forces along their path, the prince was confident the other side wouldn't try anything out of consideration for his identity a royal member of Da Xia. And besides, what could they do once they are outside? It's almost certain the other party wouldn't let things slide and try to get revenge once they leave….

Pulling his thoughts together, the prince immediately scanned his surroundings for a suitable spot for his plans to begin. I must grow strong enough using what little time I have in here. Even if not for myself, at least for Ling Yue's sake….

Back over at Hong Ming Yue's side, their group was currently hard at work trying to get their hands on that Ninth Realm Reincarnation Dan pill that's still out of their reach.

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