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Chapter 504 "Chen Hong Ru Wants to Meet Her (2)"

In a blink of an eye, the desire from those who wish to invite the girl were squashed completely. Those in power are fond of having capable individuals in their ranks, but they wouldn't go that far as to get entangled in such a complicated mess for a measly lass.

“Miss Ye, I am wondering if you got some free time at the moment. Master Hong Ru is requesting your audience." The one asking was actually Xue Pian Ran who also strolled over.

“I will accompany you Ling Yue." Fearing her little sister would fall into some sort of trap, Lan Caier was the first to speak up.

It's not everyday that someone would be permitted to meet the lord and master of the Dan Palace. If not for Ling Yue's accidental creation of the rainbow reincarnation pills, she would not even be qualified to gain an audience.

“Sister Caier, you and Little Crow wait for me outside, I will come out very soon." Knowing they won't get to do as they please, she only left this promise behind and headed inward with the two-faced witch.

Shocking enough, only by going through the first corridor did Ling Yue realize how little did she truly understood about this Dan Palace. Though the grand hall for the contest seems grandiose and ginormous back there, it's in reality nothing but a tip of the iceberg. If not for Xue Pian Ran guiding her through the halls, she be lost within this labyrinth in no time.

After a while of walking, the pair eventually came before a small mountain peak.

As it turns out, the place of residence for Master Hong Ru was the very tip of this peak where the lower parts showed off the entire four seasons of the year: spring, summer, fall and winter, she saw it all along the way. Truly a miraculous environment.

“Miss Ye, speaking of which, I have to give you my thanks."

“You are being overly polite Sacred Maiden. We've only met twice before so why should you thank me."

Ling Yue just knew this woman wouldn't be so easy to handle. All she did was give an inch in their interaction and the witch was already trying to step over her.

“Feng Shen and I went through several life and death situations. Him saving me, me saving him, there's no such thing as taking care of him anymore between us."

The counter instantly causes the Sacred Maiden to stiffen in the back.

Her words may not be very direct but Ling Yue has already made a dividing line between the three of them. Feng Shen and herself on one end while Xue Pian Ran stood at the other half.

“What do you know? Feng Shen experienced the most painful part of his life while in my care. I've known him for ten years, and you? Only one year, that's all the time you shared with him. Ye Ling Yue, where does your confidence come from?" Shattering that façade, Xue Pian Ran could no longer keep up that mask and blew apart.

What surreal maiden of the Dan Palace? What untouched piece of wonder? The Sacred Maiden now was no different from a regular woman who couldn't achieve her love and has become shackled to a sense of obsession.

“Sacred Maiden, what matters is the person whom you share your time with. A year is equivalent to a decade, don't you understand that old saying?" As if to meet that statement of hers, Ling Yue could then sense a familiar presence up ahead.

Sure enough, it was Feng Shen standing on the road with only the brilliant glow of the sun behind his back. Their eyes lock, shutting off everything else in this world.

She has him, and he has her. Together, they are one and won't permit another existence into their life, which instantly ripped the Sacred Maiden's heart out after noticing their lovestruck gaze.

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