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Chapter 457 "The Scourge of the Millennium"

Due to how intense Yan Jiu's anger was currently, even the Reapers beside were trembling in fear.

No one has ever dared to make trouble in this Underground City #9, especially not in this fashion where the method of killing was so violent and gut wrenching.

“City Lord, it is him, he killed my big brother. I implore you, please get revenge for my brother, he's still alive over there!" Scrambling up to Yan Jiu's feet, Chang Gang (shorty) repeatedly bangs his head against the ground to make it more convincing.

There's no way this shorty would miss this opportunity. The enemy was already unconscious over there, meaning it's easy to slay the lad (Ling Yue) if there's consensus from the authorities.

However, Yan Jiu did not immediately act upon those words, instead he had pinned his eyes to that charred body.

The reasoning? It's because when the girl crashed landed onto the floor, the Phoenix Edict from Feng Shen had also dropped out of her pocket and out into the open.

Isn't that Feng Shen's identity token? No wait, that's the Phoenix Edict! Astonishment filled the silver masked man's eye, it can't be. This "boy" is that woman he mentioned from Da Xia?

In an instant, Yan Jiu wanted to wail at his own misfortune.

“Your lordship?” Still badgering the man, Cheng Gang remains oblivious to how much trouble he's in right now.

“Cheng Gang, do you really think I wouldn't be aware of what happens in this city at all?" With a flick of his hand, a spooky ghost fire immediately blooms into existence and reveals the story of what occured in the past couple of days.

Oh woman, you mustn't die. At least don't die while under my watch AHHHH!!!

While this was occurring back here in the intermediate area, Lan Caier on the other hand was soon able to locate Jin Wu Monster in the high level area. As it so happens, the old monster was in the middle of a heated fight with another opponent.

“Old Monster, stop fighting, we are in trouble." Barging through the crowd, the big girl ignores the rules of the ring and came before her companion.

“Hey now Princess Caier, you mustn't get in my way during a fight like this. Punches don't know how to distinguish their targets you know." Due to being in the heat of battle, Jin Wu Monster was quite unwilling to stop at his crucial moment of victory.

“Thirteen, Red Thirteen is in trouble!" Ready to cry, Lan Caier suddenly blurts this out of fear for her sister's wellbeing.

Sadly, this name didn't really hit home with the old monster because he's so used to hearing Ling Yue's real name that he actually had to ask again for a fresher up, "Who's Red Thirteen….? Wait, you mean the Chief!"

Jerking back to his senses after realizing the direness of the situation, he too was now in full panic mode. However, there's someone else who was even more urgent than either of them.

The big girl initially wanted to slap the person away because she didn't have any patient left to deal with some nobody. Yet, in the second her line of sight fell upon that face, she gasped.

So beautiful….

Handsome, gorgeous, enchanting, she almost couldn't breathe when facing that image. It had the manliness required of a male yet also carried a feministic nature of a female, this was truly the perfect fusion of both sexes.

Like his companion there being interrogated like a criminal, Jin Wu Monster was also flabbergasted by the identity of that individual because he could immediately recognize this person - it's Bo Qing!

Words couldn't even begin to describe the lad's emotions right now. He thought Ling Yue had perished back then in the Tai Yi School, but now he's suddenly gifted with the wonderful news of his love being alive again? How could he not be excited?

A while later.

By the time Lan Caier and the others returned to the scene, most of the crowd had already dispersed with the scene pretty much cleaned up for business as usual.

“Where's the people?” Bo Qing makes a grab for a careless passersby.

“Young Lord, please stay calm, that person is about to faint if you are so rough with him," Jin Wu Monster attempts to calm the lad down, afraid he might make a mess of things.

The old monster still doesn't have a full grasp on why this person would be so obsessed with Ling Yue's whereabouts after hearing the name Red Thirteen, nevertheless, he's not going to reject further help when the opportunity presents itself.

“Tell me, where did that martialist who was with us go?" Lan Caier hurriedly asks after seeing the poor passerby's frothing mouth.

“He-He got ttaken away by the City Lord~" No longer able to handle Bo Qing's excessive force, the martialist finally succumbed to the strangling hold and rolled his eyes.

The City Lord of this place? Exuding a layer of gloom upon hearing this, Bo Qing didn't say nothing and turned away.

Darkness, that's the first word that came to mind once her eyes adjusted to the environment. Though she couldn't exactly see everything, she could make out the black curtains and beddings that she's on. But that's not the most worrying part here, it's her voice. When she tried to call out for someone, nothing ever came out….

Then to her horror, she quickly noticed the conditions she was in – she's wrapped entirely in bandages from head to toe. And as if that wasn't bad enough, she can't feel her senses at all aside from the miniscule control she still owns.

So am I considered to be disfigured now?

“Ling Yue you're awake!"

The first to rush inside the dark room was Lan Caier and A'bone, they've been waiting outside the entire time. And due to how much they were crying for the past few days, those eyes were dreadfully swollen, evident of their grief and remorse. As for Jin Wu Monster, the senior remains outside the doorway, too afraid to come inside himself.

Now that her friends are here with her again, Ling Yue's head was slowly starting to recall back to the fight again and how she used her black spirit smoke for the first time.

Without surprise, what came into view next in her eyes were a completely different entity.

A mummy?

A monster?

She could barely recognize the creature in that reflection.

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Understanding how terrible this must be, Lan Caier wanted to help comfort the girl by saying something. However, when she did try though, the sound that came out were nothing but whimpering cries.

Although the City Lord himself had already explained it to them prior to this, that Ling Yue will be cured using the resources of the Underground City, but that doesn't mean the big girl wouldn't want to cry.

It's all our fault. If not for us getting into a dispute with others then Ling Yue wouldn't have turned out like this.

“Miss Ling Yue is awake?” From out of the blue, a jolly old voice suddenly broke the heavy atmosphere in here, followed by a stranger strolling into the room.

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