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Chapter 456 "City Lord: Yan Jiu"

“Hold it. Mr. Reaper, I like to ask something first. If someone used a hidden weapon to attack me here in the city before then does that mean they will automatically be thrown into the dungeon as well?" Unfazed by the impending threat of being imprisoned, Ling Yue shifts her gaze over to the crowd where the shorty and his goons were watching.

“Red Thirteen, don't even think about trying to drag me into this with your lies!" The shorty snaps and roars out.

“Whether or not it's a lie we will know once we get someone from the Novice area here to testify. Mr. Reaper, I believe you should arrest him first before taking actions against me, or is it because he's an old acquaintance of yours hence the reason why you are unwilling to move?" Ling Yue sneered, holding her enemies in contempt.

Due to there being no shortages of people knowing the relationship between Zhan Gang (Reaper) and Cheng Gang here tonight, many gossiping voices had erupted and could be heard from all angles. This even stretched to some of the other Reapers that came just now who weren't in on the scheme.

“What a tricky little brat you are. If I don't apprehend someone like you who will slander others at will then I'm unfit to be a Reaper here in this Underground City #9." Roaring out due to rage, Zhan Gang takes the first strike by suspending a series of spiralling chains around his body manifested out of his own powers.

Naturally there are bound to be those with some insight, that's why multiple exclaiming gasps could be heard among the crowd after Zhan Gang drew his weapon. “It's the Soul Reaping Chain!”

As per its name, this weapon of the fire and metal element fused together had the power to suppress the enemy's soul, thus interfering with the target's ability to muster their Yuan energy for combat.

“This person’s strength is very strong.” A dense layer of sweat profusely swelters out of Ling Yue's forehead, "Sister, A'bone, if there's an opportunity to escape in a moment then the two of you must escape immediately. Go look for Jin Wu Monster afterwards and come back with help."

With nothing to be said, the trio separated and made a dash for it in different direction to increase their odds of escape. They know this incident was aimed directly at them three. Even if they combined their strengths now they are no match for that lead Reaper who was at the peak level of the second element.

Turns out Ling Yue had made a turn around right after she made a dash for it like her peers. Then using her Twinkling Star Daggers as her weapon of choice, she intends to buy as much time until reinforcements arrive, or that's what she hopes it will be anyways….

“For harming my younger brother, I will make sure you face the most painful death today." Zhan Gang became enraged after seeing how two of his targets had already escaped his clutches.

In accordance with the man's emotion, the flames spewing out of the chains also intensified. Circling around Ling Yue like a burning cage, the powers of both the metal and fire element wanted to constrict and burn her alive. Thankfully the girl was a spirit force user also, otherwise she would've been defenseless right now due to the chain's power of interfering with her Yuan energy.

That's just a single Reaper Emissary and he's already this powerful, dammit!

Minutes later…..

That boy should be dead by now right?

Ready to retract his Soul Reaping Chain at this point after burning the foe for so long, Zhan Gang was sure a simple Dan realm master wouldn't be able to fend off his attacks for so long.

His assumption wasn't some blind belief. This special martial ability of manifesting the fusion of metal and fire together was a reward given directly to him by his superiors during his time in the Underground Palace. Unless one made great contributions to the organization, a simple Reaper weren't permitted to learn such high level abilities or techniques.

But just when the man wanted to recover his chains then, the horrific truth has come out - he can't! Inch by inch, his Soul Reaping Chain was disappearing from his view like something was swallowing it.

How can this be?

Though the outer contour of this creature still held the shape of a person, but to call this a "human" was honestly a real stretch of that word. Festering with blisters and burns, it was almost impossible to find a single patch of skin still in pristine condition. To call this a monster was truly the perfect fit. However, there was one freaky feature that didn't quite match its outer appearance - it's that dazzling smile.

Then before Zhan Gang could even have time to come to terms with the picture before his eyes, the monstrosity there had already raised a finger at him. And unlike the rest of the burn and charred skins on that right hand, the specific finger in question remains in perfect condition like a piece of refined jade. This meant the creature can only be a female, pointing to only one person!




Vapors of blood swiftly envelops the entire area, turning the whole place into a foggy haze of red emulating a foul stench of iron.

No one knew what happened in that instant, but when their eyes returned to where Zhan Gang was supposed to be standing, there was nothing left of him. No blood, no flesh, nothing except an eerie silence in the air.

Demon! Monster! These were the only words creeping up in the back of everyone's head after the freaky exchange.

Fortunately for these onlookers, Ling Yue apparently only had enough strength left for that single point of attack. After that, all she can feel was an overwhelming level of exhaustion taking her soul until she fell flat on the ground.

“What is going on here?!” A very harsh voice abruptly descends from above, followed quickly by multiple black robed figures.

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In light of how quick and mysterious Ling Yue's attack back there was, this silver masked individual didn't miss it. As a result, it infuriated him to know one of his subordinates had perished under his watch because its equivalent to a direct slap across his face.

Now if only Ling Yue could be awake right now. If she was, the girl would surely be reminded of that terrible bastard Wu Chong. But make no mistake though, this person was not the Ghost Emperor himself, this was Yan Jiu, the City Lord of this Underground City #9.

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