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Chapter 427 “Its Healthier to be Tortured (3)”

This elder may be a man without the proper gear, but time does wear on one’s heart. As such, he’s been yearning for a partner to sooth his soul for a while now. Issue though was his character. Violent and easily irritated, none of the younger maids were willing to be his partner even though he did hold a certain level of power.

But today was different. This little eunuch suddenly barged into his home and claimed he could get him a beautiful partner, and all for a measly number of one hundred silver!

Initially Eunuch Ou had his skepticism; after all, why would something so great just fall out of the sky for him? But that instantly changed following his first glance at the product.

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His rod may have long been removed at a very tender age but that doesn’t mean the flame has been extinguished within their body. Burning with desire, Eunuch Ou didn’t even think twice about how strange this was and handed over the money. Shooing the youngster away, this senior never felt so alive in all his years!

“Eunuch Ou, do watch the volume when having fun. We wouldn’t want others interrupting your good business now right?” Thoughtful in his actions, the younger eunuch didn’t forget to close the door behind him while leaving.

With no one left to bother his fun, this senior known as Eunuch Ou was absolutely bloodthirsty in how quickly he pounced atop of Zhu Ge Rou. Pressing down with his wrinkly old body, he ravages her in more ways than one and then some!

A man without the proper gear may be at a disadvantage; however, that doesn’t mean they don’t have other means to go about it. There’s still their fingers and a tongue, if not they can grab a rod to improvise!


Surprisingly enough, Nie Feng Hang and Lan Ying Wu was also present in light of being absent for so many days prior. This shouldn’t have hit him as odd under normal circumstances, but the strange look he kept getting from the two were irking him so much that he can’t even ignore it.

Humph, when did I ever need someone like them to show me pity?

“Congratulations to you Lord Fang on recovering your position as the Royal Tutor.” Not long after the meeting had commenced, the king soon issued out a decree to restore the bastard of his title and rank.

Naturally this would rouse a wave of congratulatory words from those that support him; however, it wasn’t out of expectation for anyone today either. To be summoned back to the capital and not be expelled the following day, it’s only normal even if the fourth prince did perish in the Northwest not long ago.

“Everyone, aside from this I also intend to pardon Ye Huang Yu of her crimes. The situation in the Northwestern Plains is too dire to not use someone of such talent. Someone come, summon the person here before me.”

Unfortunately for Hong Fang, the man didn’t even get to enjoy his moment of flory at all before having his bubble burst by the king’s next order.

This undoubtedly infuriated the bastard. Clenching his fist, Hong Fang was certain this had to be Ye Ling Yue’s doing, that’s why the king would do something so outrageous.

As expected, nothing but a wench that can’t see far enough. Such a good opportunity and all she did was bargain a position for her mother. He sneered, holding them in contempt in his eyes.

“Alright, if there’s nothing to bring up then let the Court be adjourned for the day then.” Following the king’s dismissal, numerous officials were already waiting in line to flatter the bastard in his reinstatement.

“Uncle Fu, how come you are here outside the palace gate?” Finally making it to the outside after much back and forth with his peers, Hong Fang was greatly startled by the sight of his own family’s personal carriage.

“Master, I am here because of the madam. She was summoned by the queen this morning for a meeting.” The coachman known as Uncle Fu had been dozing off for the last several hours so his state of mind wasn’t in the clearest when answering.

This greatly disturbed the man so he immediately rushed back into the palace to investigate; however, before he could make it past the gate again, a series of horse clamoring had caught his ears.

“Hong Fang!” Changed out of her former attire and into full armor, Ye Huang Yu’s voice was boomingly loud like a thunder strike in the middle of spring, thus sending the bastard’s ear pounding along with it.

“Ye Huang Yu, don’t think for a second that you can do whatever you like outside the palace gate just because you’ve been crowned by the king as a general!” As annoyed as he was, Hong Fang can’t do much in this situation. Their cultivation was very close to each other now after the woman advanced into the second element of the reincarnation realm.

“I am here to send you a big gift.” Drawing her bow, this heroin immediately knocks the arrow and released an air piercing shot at her target.

Facing that blinding stream of light coming his way, Hong Fang’s complexion instantly sank for he never expected his ex-wife to be so bold. “Outrageous, you dare murder an official of the Court!”

Then just as everyone was aghast by the scene, Ye Huang Yu suddenly flicked the bow string and forced the already shot arrow to recurve upward with the connection she holds. Though the trajectory at the man’s head was averted in the very last second, only inches away from grazing the bastard’s head, the arrow did eventually land on the carriage behind him.

Due to the cart being made of ordinary wood, nothing special that would warrant sufficient defense against the power of a reincarnation master, it immediately splintered it in half right down the middle.

“Hong Fang, you wretched animal, you beast! Years ago you threw away your own wife and child for another, now today I am returning the favor with this! From this day forward we are even and no more!” With that said, the woman then clipped her horse’s belly to gallop forward like a shooting arrow. Before long, her figure was already gone from view and out of everyone’s sight.

Coming and going like the wind, her heroic attitude had left the crowd dumbfounded in the background.

Then as if that wasn’t enough, a loud exclaiming cry suddenly brought him back to reality. Looking over to the indicated direction by everyone’s gaze, Hong Fang could only feel his heart beating uncontrollably. Before he knew it, he had vomited a mouthful of blood as a result of the letters inscribed on the scroll hanging off of the arrow pinned to his carriage.

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