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Chapter 421 “Re-engage? Dream On!”

When the dying looking Xia Hou Qi was returned to the palace, both the dowager and queen was already covered in tears. Even worse, the boy refused to take any treatment.

“Father, so long as you don’t release Ling Yue and her mother then I will not accept any treatment.” From that frail and deep socketed eyes, the prince had never been this firm in his entire life.

“But the girl doesn’t like you. For a woman that doesn’t return your love, is it worth it?” Among the kings many sons, only Xia Hou Qi has the ability to inherit the throne. The rest are too incapable so all hopes are on the boy now.

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“Father, then let child ask you this, do you like being a king? In this world, there will always be something or someone that cannot be ignored, I am no different. When it comes to her, I can no longer control myself nor my heart. If you are willing to release Ling Yue and her mother, then I promise you, I will be a proper king till the end of my life.” Unrelenting, the prince pleads to his father with all his might.

“My son, why are you still hesitating when Hou Qi is already in this state? In fact, this is a good opportunity to turn things around for the better. Although the two are in the wrong for deceiving everyone, but they are still a great help to the state. Why don’t we send a royal edict to the Hong House and have Lord Fang re-engaged with that Ye Huang Yu. I’m sure that with Lady Ge Rou’s character, this wouldn’t be impossible when so much are at stake. This way Ling Yue would be able to return to her ancestral roots and be with the status that she deserves,” the old queen suggests.

“Fine, fine, what kind of sin did I commit in my past life to warrant this. I will summon the members of the Hong House and release the girl and her mother from the dungeon.” Without delay, the king immediately called for the involved parties to the study room.

When Ling Yue and her mother arrived on scene after being released, everyone was already waiting – including Luo Song of the Three Life Valley. Naturally Zhu Ge Rou and her daughters would be glaring daggers at the pair, but Hong Fang on the other hand was a tad different.

What man doesn’t like a wife that’s perennially young and fit? This was exactly the case with Ye Huang Yu. Though the bastard was constantly interacting with his ex-wife back in the military camp, but that’s under the condition that she was hiding her true face. Now to see how wonderfully kept the woman was after so many years, it’s only normal that his desiring flame be rekindled.

And of course, there’s no way this sudden change in attitude would go unnoticed by Zhu Ge Rou who was constantly eyeing her own husband there. She’s always been a scheming and careful woman. To be forced to yield under the pressure of the king, how can she accept it when all her life has been smooth sailing?

In truth, Ye Huang Yu never expected the king to make such a decision. Even if her cultivation were to be abolished, or be to exiled to the bitter-frosted land of the upper north, she would rather take those than to be re-engaged to that bastard!

“Humph, talk about a chicken turning into a phoenix. Know this, we will never recognize you as our sister.” Like their mother, Hong Yu Ying and Hong Yu Long were glaring fire at the girl.

“Hoho, you people make it sound like I would want to. Majesty, I and my mother are formally refusing your proposal.” Sneering in her voice, Ling Yue flatly refused the king’s gift.

This blunt answer naturally shocked those in the room, especially the king himself. He’s been the ruler of this nation for many decades, never have he been so rudely rebuked.

“Father, you mustn’t make things difficult for Ling Yue. All of this is my own wishes, its not her fault.” Staggering into the hall with the help of others, Xia Hou Qi hurries to the girl’s defense.

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