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Chapter 409 “North Qing’s Number One Alchemist”

“Lan Ling Yue, you really are naïve beyond reason. Do you know what the consequences are for offending the Dan Palace?” Flushing red in his face, Hong Fang lashes out at the girl without a second thought.

“And why wouldn’t I dare? Hong Fang, you really put our great nation to shame as the commanding general. Our soldiers and civilians alike are dying in droves, and what do you do? Sprinkle around fifty silver for the funerals of the dead? If the situation was turned around and it was you instead, would you be so willing to accept such treatment? Oh wait, I forgot the great commander doesn’t care about things like that because you only have yourself in mind.” Cynical in her words, Ling Yue starts trashing the man left and right.

Was that fear I felt?

Sneering at the cowardly display, Ling Yue didn’t want to waste another second with the man in front of herself. It’s too disgusting, so disgusting that she wants to puke.

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Next day.

As per Ling Yue’s expectations, Elder Wei Bo returned with the answer that she wanted: The Dan Palace will take full charge of the damages incurred by the python and would be willing to pay four million gold coins as compensation.

Naturally Hong Fang and his goons on the other hand would be enormously surprised by this outcome. It’s the Dan Palace they were dealing with. Under normal circumstances, it be a miracle that they didn’t have to compensate the other party instead. Now they are being paid?

“Lord Hong Ru, I have brought the snake’s body back with me as per your instructions.” Inside a high standing tower at the border of both nations, Elder Wei Bo respectfully takes to his knees before another man in green.

However, despite being called the “lord”, this elegant young man looked nothing like a senior or elder. In fact, based on that face and complexion, it would be hard pressed to consider him a man older than thirty in appearance.

Nevertheless, there was one feature that gave his true age away and that was the eyebrows – its silvery white, the color of wisdom and age.

“Four million gold coins, that Chief Yue from Da Xia sure has a big appetite.” Speaking now was Cheng Hong Ru, the leader of the Dan Palace and second only to the King of North Qing.

Without saying more, Chen Hong Ru promptly whisked his sleeve along and summoned the carcass in the air: “The spirit core! Where’s the spirit core!” His complexion instantly became reddish and green after inspecting the carcass.

As they all know, the most valuable part of a spirit beast lies in their core which houses the creature’s essence. Without it, the carcass was practically useless and worthless.

“There is no spirit core?” Elder Wei Bo was ashen with fright at the news. Hurrying the servants to step forward, they quickly confirmed the horrific truth – there’s nothing inside the belly!

“Good… very good! Da Xia has some nerve in touching the Dan Palace’s things!” No longer suppressing his rage, Chen Hong Ru explodes into a heated fit that shook the very foundation of this stoic tower.

As for the alchemists inside, these poor fellas could only scramble around for cover in case of something collapsing over their heads. They have never seen their lord and master so angry before.

“Your subordinate deserves to die! I did not know the spirit core was missing.” Shivering there incessantly, Elder Wei Bo never expected the lass to be so cunning and sneaky.

This time I’ve really been screwed by that lass!

Elder Wei Bo’s reactionary expression shows he’s not able to comprehend the man’s word.

Not for refinement or artifact creation? Then what for? And his lordship’s mood doesn’t seem to be very stable recently. He’s constantly fluctuating….

“Go take your leave first. I will handle the snake’s body.” Waving his hand, Chen Hong Ru directs the senior to leave with the others first as he went into a deep contemplation.

Dead, my only son is dead….

One second this great lord and master of the Dan Palace was still inside the high towering structure, the next he was gone and reappeared before a magnificent room belonging to a palace.

In here, a certain woman of gorgeous complexion was busy weeping her hearts out.

“Milord, you are finally here! Hou Hong is dead! Our son is dead!” The one speaking was none other than Consort Luo, the mother of the dastardly prince who’s into the same sex.

So the truth finally comes out. He’s the true mastermind behind everything: sending Lady Yao to seduce the king, committing adultery with Consort Luo, and conceiving that bastard prince in an attempt to overtake the throne!

Chen Hong Ru may be in a position of exceptional power, second only to the king, but he’s still only second in command! He wants more, much more…. That’s why he spent more than a decade in this scheme. It should’ve been without fault. His son was already the crown prince and the King of Da Xia was drawing late into his years. But then out of the blue, that amazing dream was suddenly crushed following his son’s death….

Though the news from Flag City indicates it’s the fault of the python’s work, but who was Chen Hong Ru? He’s someone that’s lived for more than five centuries in this lifetime. As if someone with that much life experience would believe something so outlandish, especially when his men Big Ear and Nose King was around at the time.

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