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Chapter 400 “Ye Huang Yu’s Confession (1)”

Ling Yue knows, this was the definite sign that her mother and General Nie was inside the creature’s stomach. There’s no other explanation for that, which in turn riled up her thumping heart to the point where she can no longer control it.

Meanwhile at the same time over in the river, Xia Hou Hong and his remaining men were scrambling to row to shore. There’s just no chance for them to stand against that double-headed python while inside the water. Only by getting back on land will they have a slimmer of hope in survival.

“Your Highness, look over there!” Catching the rhythm of someone else nearby, Big Ear cries out for the prince to look over.

“Lan Ling Yue, so it’s you who caused this!”

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The former crown prince don’t even know how many times he’s been plotted against by this blasted wench. Now to find the source of his misfortune here of all places, the question plaguing his mind of why the snake would suddenly burst into an outrage was instantly cleared up.

“You bitch! I will never let you off the hook this time.” Drawing a bow out from his back, the prince readies it to shoot down the girl.

Amused by the poor display, Ling Yue just couldn’t resist a snicker as she swung her body downwards like an overhead kick. Because of that, the triple arrow shot in which Xia Hou Hong was so proud of were completely off target and flew way past the girl’s branch and out towards the other part of the river.

With the immediate danger out of the way, Ling Yue figured its time she scuttled away for good. Blowing a whistle, she promptly summoned her alchemic puppet that’s lying in wait to chomp down at her figure.

“Xia Hou Hong, out of consideration that we’re so well acquainted already, here’s a big gift from me.” It’s unsure when she did it but by the time her voice died down, a series of violent gleams of silvery light had shot forward at the canoes.

But that’s not the worst of it either. Because of the loud commotion, it had caught the attention of the double-headed python still looking for its perpetrator.

“Help, I cannot swim!” Choking on the water, Nose King struggles to reach for the prince in his panic.

Sadly for the shorty, Xia Hou Hong had other plans in mind. He’s already frightened enough as it was to face the python, to have this extra deadweight drag him down when the creature was quickly closing in on them, he’s not that dumb.

With the sacrificial lamb in the back acting as bait, it didn’t take long for the dastardly prince and the big eared man to make it to shore. As for the shorty struggling for his life underwater, all that remains were a series of bubbles and a plume of blood seeping across the surface to prove the serpent was here.

“Damn you bitch, I won’t forget this!” Xia Hou Hong roars out in frustration. Unlike when he first came into this jungle with a group of entourage, all that remains now were Big Ear and himself.

He came to impress the king, not to throw away his life. As such, the blasted prince was starting to have second thoughts on this.

“Your Highness, the girl’s alchemic puppet appears to be very powerful. Why don’t we follow her from behind and wait until she and the snake are both exhausted. Then we can just jump out and take the prize for ourselves.”

“Good idea. That little tramp may not be all that strong but her cunningness is a true annoyance. I’m betting she’s hunting the snake because of that Captain Ye Huang. I heard their relationship is quite good.” Agreeing with his subordinate’s idea, the dastardly prince immediately had Big Ear start scouting the terrain for Ling Yue and the puppet.

“Oh no, her ladyship is gone!” After the fierce battle, Jin Wu Monster as well as A’bone and the rest were horrified to find their leader missing.

They can guess it for themselves already, the girl had chased after the double-headed python by herself.

“Don’t panic all of you, Ling Yue left us a signal along the way.” While their group falls into a panic, it was Lan Caier who gestured for them to quiet down.

Further up ahead, was very frustrated by her failure.

“Damn it I still lost track of that snake,” she smacks down at her puppet. Although Ling Yue’s speed was by no means slow, but in the end she was no match for the python’s slithering speed and familiar knowledge of the region.

The blame cannot be on her for being so annoyed though. It’s been well over a day since Ye Huang Yu was taken away. The longer she stalls on the rescue effort, the lower the odds of survival are for the victim.

“I must hurry before it’s too late!” Gnashing her teeth, she raises her senses to the highest in search of the creature once again.

Python’s in general are lazier than any other variant of the snake specie. Aside from hunting during the day, these serpents would usually hide within their lairs without ever moving. As such only the sound of trickling droplets of water could be heard within the cave right now.

But things aren’t always what they appear to be, there was movements to be had here. Currently struggling to move within the snake’s belly were Ye Huang Yu, the heroin’s mother in her injured state.

Her body was crushing with pain as she crawled….

For that mistake, the price was a direct slash down her back with a knife.

To make things worse, right after she managed to subdue the elder and that weapon, two pairs of eerie green eyes had come forward from within the darkness. One pair was small, the other large, but the most damning part was the crushing pressure that came afterwards.

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