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Chapter 396 “The Source of the Disease”

It’s okay to not be shocked when one doesn’t know, but it’s a whole different matter once he did. Jin Wu Monster was starting to think his choice in submitting to the lass was more and more correct.

Realizing how close he came to death’s door, Jin Wu Monster immediately went about in checking his body. That’s when he discovered the shocking truth, his soul fire was but a flicker of its former self!

Now that’s what you call damning. Unlike the body he’s using, the soul fire represented both his soul and cultivation. For it to diminish to a wisp of its former self, that meant his powers too had degenerated by leaps and bounds.

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No wonder the villagers would transform into monsters. If even my soul fire would become like this, what chance does a common person have against that stuff?

Though its true the old monster was once upon a time her enemy, but the situation has changed. She won’t let the past hinder the prospect of others so long as they are willing to do her biddings.

“Thank you Chief,” the delight was literally seeping out of the old monster’s body from top to bottom.

Oh this is sweet, following the girl is quite profitable!

After the bean sized dark matter was devoured by Ling Yue’s cauldron, it’s only to be expected for the village chief’s symptoms to disappear. After a bit of supplement to nourish that body, the man finally came to from his numbing state.

“What happened to me?” The village chief groans, unsure what to make of the situation.

“Husband! (Father!)” Running over after getting word that their bread winner has recovered, the wife and son made no attempt at holding back their emotions. Hugging together as a family, the three becomes a sobbing mess to show their affection.

Effected by the intimate picture, Ye Ling Yue and the old monster knew its best that they temporally took their leave. A family’s reunion shouldn’t be interrupted by some outsiders.

“Chief, are you thinking about your parents?” Noticing the lass’s expression wasn’t quite right once they were outside, Jin Wu Monster can only assume it must be due to being home sick. He’s heard already, Ling Yue’s home lies far away in the capital. For a fourteen years old to travel alone to a distant land, it’s normal to miss their family members.

“Then what about your father…?” The old monster found it strange that the girl nly mentions the mother.

“He is dead.”

Even if he is not dead now, he will die sooner enough. Hong Fang, one of these days I will make you pay for everything you’ve done to me and my mother!

With a wave of her sleeve, the girl dismisses the conversation, indication she’s unwilling to discuss this further.

Oh whatever, this is all her personal business. Why should I get involve in something I shouldn’t? Knowing it’s not his place to dig deeper, Jin Wu Monster went ahead to leave by himself to see to the other villagers.

Meanwhile on another spot, Hong Fang and the prince was very embarrassed by the news of the sickly being cured. Just earlier they were spouting about murdering the entire settlement by lighting it ablaze, now it turns out it was they who were panicking for nothing.

As for the members of the Tiger Wolf Army, these heroes were paraded around the village by those healthy enough to come out.

“Chief Yue, this time I really have to thank you for everything, otherwise I wouldn’t even know what sort of sins I could’ve committed.” After getting the full story from his wife, the village chief only had gratitude in his heart towards everyone.

“There’s no need for thanks, this isn’t anything worthy to applaud us for. Soldier and civilian is of one and the same, such differentiation is not needed. But enough of that, there’s something I like to ask you first. From what your wife told me, you did a thorough count of those who fell ill and their order of breakout. Do you know who the first to be infected is?”

According to the man’s word, there’s around fifty people who succumbed to the infection. Among these, there are a few who went mad first and attacked the others. They were the ones to be killed by Hong Fang’s army this morning. As for the remaining patients, they were fortunate enough to be locked away by the others like the chief himself.

“If you want to know who the first to be sick is, it would have to be Grandpa Wang of our village. He’s the one who seriously injured Captain Ye Huang last night. Chief Yue, if you want… I can bring you to him. He’s still lying there in the ancestral temple due to the wound he acquired.” This incident only came to the village chief’s attention after he regained his sanity.

Because of fear for harming the members of the Tiger Wolf Army, the wife of the village chief didn’t have the heart to hand the elder over. She’s seen first hand what happens to those who harm the soldiers that wanted to burn their homes.

Due to the chaotic scene from last night, the location of the twin headed python had been lost to everyone. If this Grandpa Wang was the last to be with her mother, it would mean he’s the best hope she has.

After arriving at the ancestral temple, Ye Ling Yue did the same and begun treating the old grandpa. Without surprise, the elder too also had the dark matter invading his body. Unlike the chief though, this person carried a much larger mass inside. Continuing this treatment until sun down, the elder finally awoke.

“Grandpa Wang, you are finally awake! Let me introduce. This here is the Chief Alchemist of Moon City, she saved your life and everyone else in the village. First I need you to answer some of her questions.” The village chief was very active in coming forward to help, thus making the whole process much easier to handle.

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