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TL: Kourii


Chapter 1 The Divide

FengYuan continent, with a history of 1200 years, have broken apart and joint back countless times. In the year 1231 of Feng calendar, the FengYuan dynasty which had ruled over 230 years completely collapsed, thereby separating the whole continent into 5 independent kingdoms.

The five kingdoms are: DongQi kingdom bordering the east sea, NanZhu kingdom bordering the south coast, XiChu kingdom bordering the mountainous regions in the west, BeiYan kingdom with snow and ice all around in the north, and finally the QingLong kingdom located right in the middle of FengYuan extending up to many ethnic minority groups.     

In the beginning years, the strength of the five countries was quite similar and they were pinned down each other. Coupled with years of fighting in the Fengyuan Dynasty, people’s livelihoods are suffering. All countries are busy pacifying people’s hearts and emassring wealth. Therefore, they peacefully coexisted for 50 years.

Fifty years was enough time for the gap of power between the small countries that used to have similar strength to form. XiChu and BeiYan are dominated by forests and animal husbandry, and most men are born tall. Therefore, their military force has grown stronger. The NanZhu kingdom is located near the sea with tropical land. Compared to people in the north, southern people are relatively short. The people mostly live on fishing and diving for beads.

The Qinglong country in the center and the DongQi kingdom in the east are suitable for cultivation due to the fact that the land used to belong to the same piece, and the mineral resources and human resources are relatively abundant. In addition, the monarchs of both countries are both famous merciful rulers.

The two countries have the most powerful economic strength. The life of the people is the most relaxed and wealthy. As a result, QingLong and DongQi naturally became two powerful pieces of fat meat in the eyes of both XiChu and BeiYan.

In Feng calendar year 1282, the royal grandson of the QingLong kingdom, Jun WuXie  inherited the throne of the Qing ancestor. Jun WuXie was a posthumous child since he was in his mother's womb. Two months before his birth, his crown prince father, who was the sole heir to the monarch’s family, died due to illness. Therefore, he can be said to be born wearing the dragon robe, and was crowned as the crowned imperial grandson as soon as he was born.

The old emperor lost his child early, he , of course, raised Jun clan’s one and only blood as the ultimate treasure. Adding on the love from the imperial dowager, and crown princess mother, as the smart and beautiful imperial grandson grew up day by day, his temperament became even more in line with his name. By the time he took over the throne at the age of twenty three, he was already an evil lord in both name and in reality.

After the new king of QingLong kingdom who had never tasted the hardships of the people took office. he  listened to rumors and rashly used his officials. The originally stable reign started to grow turbulent. Treacherous officials held power, and the chilling results of the loyal officials results in the instability of the people's heart with the weakening of national power and other negative effects.

FengLi calendar, 1288, six years into Jun WuXie's reign. There were suddenly rumors of purple comets flashing over the skies of Qinglong. Fengyuan Continent had histories of the purple comet before. The sign of the continent being unified once again . Since then, FengYuan continent, which had been quiet for more than 50 years, has begun to grow restless again…


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