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Chapter 8: Night Conversation

Starry moon in the night sky.

The hall is full of luxury items, stone pillars, silk yarn hanging, sand powder colored walls, carved with animal bones to decorate the walls, a white canvas on the front white wall, painted with a tall white wolf’s head. The heavy copper figure stands on the inside of the hall, the bird’s beak holds a glazed palace lantern. The light is quiet and dazzling.

The ancient charm of the gentle fragrance floats out of the incense burner. It looks like a blue mist, a beautiful smoke, reflected in the clear night, dignified strong, it looks like waves, light as spring, apricot eyes with a shallow fragrant that carved itself deeply into the lungs.

“My lady, please punish Luan’er!” GeShu Wu Luan is kneeling on the ground, her voice full of self-blame.

The woman who sat in the upper position slowly sighed at GeShu Wu Luan: “Get up!”

GeShu Wu Luan bowed her head, she said: “If niang niang will not punish Luan’er, Luan’er will continue to kneel!”

Da Fei helplessly rubbed her eyebrows and softly asked: “What crime have you committed?”

She has always known that her temper is extreme, and she will not forgive herself if she does not reveal her loathing.

“If Luan’er did not go see Bai Hua today, I would not have fallen into their trap! It would not ruin my lady’s good days, causing the monarch to become suspicious of my lady!” GeShu Wu Luan’s beautiful cheeks are stained with tears of guilt.

At this moment, she was very annoyed, annoyed with her recklessness, and even hated Bai Hua and Da Si as a traitor. She wanted to take her away from Da Fei. If it wasn't for their marriage, why was she almost chaotic, and now she is coming again. The murder case was bitten by the mad dog Tie Li, and she had shown her anger in public, causing the monarch to be suspicious of the secret power of Da Fei! She hates it! Why is she so unsettled!

“It’s none of your business! Is there still a lot of traps for you? Even if you didn’t go to find Bai Hua today, this disaster will soon find its way to you. As for the monarch… I will still care about it, not because of this. Don’t forget, he is the head of a country!” Speaking of this, Da Fei sighs looked up to the night sky outside the hall, her eyes watch the amber-like falling star that showed a desolate drop.

Looking into the eyes of GeShu Wu Luan, her heart feels tight, how strong of a woman is Da Fei, facing the emotions, she is still fragile, the heart of the pillow is like the sting of the heart, it hurts to the marrow, this is the sadness of being a woman of the inner palace. Even if the whole harem is finally smashed, it will eventually be soothing to the square of the heart!

Therefore, emotions, in GeShu Wu Luan’s eyes were extremely cumbersome.

The woman slowly put away the thoughts drifting away and suspected: “Luan’er doesn’t understand why my lady knows that Bai Hua is a person of Pei An, but also entrusts him. Isn’t this placing a poisonous viper by your side?”

Da Fei looks at GeShu Wu Luan and says: “But he has real talents, bengong never looks at a person’s status when choosing people! Besides, Su’er likes him.”

At the end of the sentence, her voice softened, GeShu Wu Luan felt the tenderness of her mother. This the greatest of a mother, even if she knows that she will threaten herself, she is willing to swallow the bitter fruit for her children so they will not be harmed!

At this moment, the gentle love of Da Fei touched the secret corner hidden in her heart: If her mother was still alive, would she speak this way, but she is not sure whether her mother is still alive! So, would her mother treat her the way Da Fei treats Gongzi Su?

Her heart felt like it was thrown into a pool with ripples, after some time, she managed to calm down, not daring to reveal her emotions in front of Da Fei, lest she gets distracted.

GeShu Wu Luan asked: “Does my lady think that Bai Hua’s death is related to Pei An, then evidence was planted?”

Da Fei touched her vermillion lips and smiled proudly: “Pei An has always been calculating, he won’t be so unbearable! Moreover, if he really wants to plant evidence, by killing the chess master, can he easily put the blame on my Luan’er! "

Da Fei’s words of self-confidence made GeShu Wu Luan feel refreshed.

Suddenly, Da Fei spoke her thoughts: “If it is not him, who could it be?”

“My lady, please be at ease! Luan’er will investigate and find out as soon as possible!” The woman’s voice echoed back.

In the end, Da Fei agreed to privately investigate the matter. Then she sighed and said with regret: “It's a pity that Bai Hua's death is true. Bengong still values ​​him very much! Hm! Su’er is going to be sad for a while!"

Thinking back to the way Gongzi Su reacted when he saw Bai Hua’s corpse, he was so sour. This child has always been humble and saw his teacher as a second father, it seems he will need time before the wound heals!

After a moment of indulging, Da Fei waved her hand, saying: “Don’t kneel, quickly get up!”

GeShu Wu Luan gently placed her hand in Da Fei’s warm palm, slowly standing up. After kneeling for a long time, there was bound to be a numbness in her legs.

Holding the woman’s slender palm, she smiled softly, as the light fell on her slightly dappled jade surface, she asked: “Why does your face look so bad? Is it Tie Li? Hai ya! His mouth is so poisonous, with no brain, don’t put him in the heart, wait for this case to be in your hands, the monarch will definitely not use him, then his arrogance will disappear!”

Finished speaking, she smiled softly again, patting the back of her hand to soothe the anger.

With such a caring action, her heart felt a warmth, she laughs out loud, “Un!”

Then, the smile disappeared from her face, became one full of suspicious, she said: “Hey, there is something wrong with you, but it is not because of him, but that Yan QiSha. It is really a mystery. I can't see through him at all. He is deliberately trying to get close to it, but his performance is extremely ill-minded, Luan’er has secretly checked his background, it is white is like a piece of paper, who is the person, I am not sure!”

In the former dynasty, there were many forces, the faction led by Da Si was in the light. In addition, it was the mother of the monarch, the king of Chu, before the king was enthroned, he was sent to the land of Zhangzhou, others were not in the east, the so-called place beyond reach. There is still a force in support of him in the court, ready to wait for the opportunity to move. These people are in the darkness, a group of people who fear the world will not be chaotic!

The last few small factions are not enough.

But if this man belongs to either of the above two forces, it would be difficult to deal with!

Thought I should put out this chapter I translated a while ago.

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