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Chapter 366: Forming a Team

Going up to the eighth or ninth floor in one breath was not an easy task even for Ghost Messengers. After all, ghost messengers were basically ordinary people. Moreover, they might be weaker than ordinary people due to sleep problems and eating problems.

Sometimes, Zhou Ze also thought about the image of ghost messengers in folklore. Their large eyes were drooping and their faces were pale. Perhaps it was not because the ghost messengers of that era were trying to scare people, but because they themselves were suffering, after all, at that time, the medical standards were still poor, and there were all kinds of illnesses.

Of course, in the spirit of rushing to eat soup, the three of them gritted their teeth and sprinted as fast as they could, even boss Zhou was no exception.

Zheng Qiang’s physical fitness was the best, and the jumping ability that he had developed from playing basketball was now fully revealed. He directly pulled away the gap between Zhou Ze and the crescent moon, and was the first to reach the eighth floor.

The moment his feet stepped on it..,

zheng Qiang suddenly felt a burning heat on his body,

this burning heat came inexplicably, but he did not have time to think about it. When he saw where Gu he and Li Sen were, he immediately ran over.

Gu he and Li Sen glanced at him together and then entered a classroom next door.

Zheng Qiang didn’t want to be left behind and immediately ran in as well.

After entering,

he only felt that it was misty inside.

Such a big fog?

Zheng Qiang waved his hand, trying to drive away the fog in front of him. His feet continued to walk forward.

As he walked,

the sound of a moving rhythm appeared in his ears, bringing with it an ear-piercing noise.

There were men and women screaming,

there were people holding microphones and shouting at the top of their lungs,

the dynamic music mixed with all of this, forming a dazzling vortex.

In their line of sight, there were men and women wriggling. Some were sitting on the sofa, some were lying on the sofa. There were also a few women who had taken off their clothes and were standing on the coffee table, dancing.

Sweat, alcohol, body odor, and a variety of smells mixed together, forming a good drug that could release hormones.

Zheng Qiang’s body began to dance with them, purely out of instinct.

The crowd surrounded him, and the dancers followed him, trying to tease him.

Everyone made way,

zheng Qiang sat down on the sofa,

someone handed him flasks and alcohol lamps, and inside the flasks were stacks of white powder.

It was the brightest and most charming white in the eyes of a particular group of people.

Holding it in his hand,

zheng Qiang’s eyes flashed with a hint of hesitation,

it seemed..,

that something was wrong.

He wanted to stand up,

he wanted to leave this place,

he kept feeling that he had forgotten something important,

he even felt like he was in a dream.


A black shadow began to slowly appear on the sofa,

the Black Shadow began to merge into Zheng Qiang’s body,

zheng Qiang’s eyes began to turn red, and his breathing suddenly became heavier.

The sound waves in the KTV box rose another level,

people sang, shouted, and played,

it seemed that they could not vent their passion unless they were completely hysterical.

Beside Zheng Qiang, there were many men and women prostrating. They were serving Zheng Qiang and eating.

The redness in his eyes washed away the last bit of clarity in Zheng Qiang’s mind,

he pointed the bottom of the flask at the alcohol lamp,

he began to smoke.

A familiar feeling,

a familiar rhythm,

the Ghost Messenger did not cross the bridge of helplessness,

he kept the memories of his previous life,


it was as if the scene from his previous life was replaying itself.

The more Zheng Qiang sucked, the faster he sucked. The more he sucked, the more he could not stop. It was as if the white crystals under the flask would never be missing.

“Where’s Zheng Qiang?”

Upon reaching the eighth floor, crescent moon looked around and asked.

Zhou Ze’s gaze was also scanning the surroundings.

“Could it be that that guy has already run over and isn’t even willing to wait for us?”Crescent Moon gritted her teeth and was very dissatisfied.

Zhou ze said somewhat cautiously, “Seems like there’s a problem.”

At this moment, Zhou Ze and crescent moon saw Gu he and Li Sen standing at the distant classroom door. The two of them also looked at Zhou Ze and Li Sen before entering a classroom beside them.

“There they are!”

Crescent immediately ran over,

only Zhou Ze remained where he was and did not move.

That’s not right,

it shouldn’t be.

Zhou ze pursed his lips. When he first climbed the stairs, the slight panting caused by the intense exercise slowly calmed down at this moment. However, that feeling of panic could not be dispelled.

In addition, boss Zhou had experienced illusions too many times. His resistance was also much weaker than the other ghosts around him.

“Why aren’t you leaving?”

After running for a distance, crescent moon turned to look at Zhou Ze. Instinctively, seeing that Zhou Ze wasn’t moving, she didn’t run forward.

There might be idiots among the ghosts, but there definitely weren’t idiots.

Zhou Ze licked his lips,

then, he made up his mind,

he bit the tip of his tongue with his teeth,

for a moment..,

an intense dizziness was felt, and Zhou Ze’s body began to stagger backward. His back was almost pressed against the wall.

But that feeling of panic also disappeared,

in its place..,

was an oppressive coldness, as well as heavy breathing.

Crescent ran back to Zhou Ze’s side and looked at him.

Zhou ze saw that there seemed to be a strange luster circulating in her eyes. This was not a change in her body, but more like a change in appearance.

“There’s a problem.”

Zhou ze pointed at his own eyes.

Crescent Moon was stunned for a moment before she seemed to understand. A needle appeared in her left hand. This needle was very small and was no different from the one in the sewing box at home.

“Disfigurement! Remove Delusion!”

Crescent Moon first rubbed the cigarette back and forth on her forehead and hair. Finally, she placed the needle in front of her mouth and let out a huge breath of hot air.

Then, she took out a small glass bottle from her pocket. Inside the glass bottle was talisman water. She directly threw the needle into the glass bottle.

For a moment..,

the needle began to rust rapidly. Almost the entire needle had turned into rust, and even the water had become extremely muddy.

But in its place, Crescent’s body became lighter. Just like Zhou Ze, she stumbled. She reached out her hand, wanting Zhou Ze to grab her,

however, boss Zhou just stood there and looked around, ignoring her.


Yueya fell to the ground.

This man..,

was he a bachelor in his previous life?

It hurt, but at least he could clearly feel that he was much more awake than before.

In fact, this method of “Calling”with a needle was practiced in many folk places. It was usually used when the headache and fever continued to worsen.

“What’s going on?”Crescent Moon asked.

Zhou ze shook his head. “I have a bad feeling.”

That feeling was..,

who was the hunter,

and who was the prey?

“Is there a need to be so extreme?”Li Sen, who was beside Gu he, frowned slightly.

“Those who are timid will starve to death, and those who are bold will die at the end of the day.”Gu he smiled. “This time, we’ll fatten it up. If we eat it, it’ll be worth half a year’s GPA.”

Li Sen also smiled, but he still felt uncertain.

Didn’t they just say that they would deliberately leave a hand for it so that it could kill a few more people and increase the GPA reward?

How come in the end..,

even Ghost Messengers had to be sent in?

Previously, Gu he did not discuss with him about deliberately luring a few ghost messengers in to send their heads.

Silently, Li Sen planned to leave. He was not a kind-hearted person, but he was definitely not a stupid person.

Gu he suddenly told him to send a few ghosts as heads,

of course, he would not be as silly as before with a smile and a few flattery,

instead, he instinctively thought..,

this head of his..,

was it in Gu he’s plan?

“Where are you going?”

Gu he turned around and asked.

“I’m leaving.”

Li Sen said very firmly. At the same time, a ball of blue light began to circulate around his body. This was a clear attitude that he did not trust you and did not want to continue playing with you.

Even if he did not drink this soup, he still wanted to leave.

Things had changed too quickly,

it would be a fool not to leave.

Gu he let out a long sigh of relief. He turned his back and waved his hand.

“Then, Goodbye.”

Li Sen initially thought that Gu he had let him off. He even let out a long sigh of relief. In his heart, he even felt a little regretful,

it seemed that..,

the Constable did not plan to deal with him..,

or did he want to bring him along to drink soup with him?


before he could go downstairs..,

a Black Shadow silently dripped down from above,


dripped down.

Like pieces of black spots..,

began to drip down on Li Sen’s body.

The light blue luster that was originally rising from Li Sen’s body was also completely covered by the black color. He only felt his vision go black. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself standing on the top of a tall building.

In front of him..,

there was a group of people lining up,

there were small and big, boys and girls.

There were his primary school deskmates, his class monitor in junior high school, his boyfriend who liked girls in high school, his roommate in college, and his colleagues after work.

Some of them had been praised by their teachers, some had gone to and from school with the girl they had a crush on, some had received scholarships, some had received subsidies for poor students, and some had received commendations from their bosses.


were all people whom Li Sen had once envied and cursed in his heart,


they were all standing in front of him in rows.

Starting from their elementary school deskmates..,

they walked forward numbly one by one,

they jumped down from the building.

This was a tall building,

if they jumped down like this, they would definitely fall into a pile of meat paste.

Watching them jump down one by one..,

leeson’s originally calm face began to show uncontrollable surprise and joy,

that kind of joy,

that kind of joy,

that kind of joy,

no one who has not deeply envied others, can understand and empathize!



have to die,

go To Hell,

enjoy the torture go!

Go To Hell,

go To Hell for me!

Why are you better than me,

why are you better than me,


you deserve to die! ! !

Leeson was laughing, he couldn’t help but want to laugh,

but he didn’t notice that there was a fire burning under his feet.

He was actually standing on the Bonfire Rack,

as people jumped down the stairs one by one,

the fire under his feet was also rising bit by bit,

the Flames of jealousy,

the first one to burn,

was actually himself!

But he didn’t realize,

he continued to immerse himself in the pleasure of “Revenge,”


unable to extricate himself!

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