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Chapter 268: I Have a Donkey I Never Ride

The early morning sun shines down, bringing the first warmth and beauty of the day.

In a window seat on the first floor of the bookstore,

for the first time, no one is lying there,

there is no coffee or tea on the coffee table that would inevitably appear at this time of the day,

there is no newspaper that has been ironed and pasted neatly,

there was no old man in a Taoist robe who watched videos of his long legs and buttocks on aerobics and followed the “Hey, Hey, hey, Hey, Hey.”

There was no man who looked better than a woman who sat there and performed “Morning wake-up”treatments on his skin,

there was no maid who walked back and forth,

there was no cute, ticklish “Hey, hey, Hey, Hey.”

In the corner,

there wasn’t a cosplay enthusiast who was sitting there and paying attention to the environment of the bookstore.

This bookstore..,

seemed to be missing something.

On the other hand..,

boss Zhou was very busy,

very, very busy,

his salted fish life had to be put on hold for a while. It wasn’t that he was motivated to work hard, but it was because after that night, his bookstore had almost become his sole commander.



there was also a little monkey.

After putting on the white coat that he had not worn for a long time and holding the slightly rusty scalpel, boss Zhou carefully helped the old Daoist to re-treat his wounds and change the bandages.

The old Daoist had several fractures on his body, and the external injuries were also very serious. Although the monkey’s mud continued to prolong his life, the treatment of other injuries was also a little complicated.

Fortunately, although boss Zhou had been out of practice for a long time, he was still an extremely excellent surgeon in his previous life. With him personally taking care of the treatment, the problem was not too big.

The old Daoist had already woken up. A while ago, he had woken up for a while and immediately fell asleep again. When his body needed to recover, sleep was actually very important. Sometimes, when the old Daoist woke up in the middle of the night in pain, he would “Groan”, the little monkey would run over to feed him some water or get him some small pieces of fruit to eat.

Today, when Zhou Ze changed his dressing, the old priest was awake. It seemed that he had recovered quite well.

The old priest had always raised the little monkey as his grandson. The monkey had also returned the favor. At the very least, it made the old priest feel that he had someone to serve and accompany him while he was sick. It was not a loss.


in addition, Zhou Ze had recently helped the old priest answer a few phone calls. They were all from the students or parents in the mountains that the old priest had sponsored. They asked the old priest why the subsidy had not been called this month. After Zhou Ze took a few calls, he simply turned off his phone.

Lao Xu was lying on the bed in his room and was receiving an infusion. He did not have many external injuries, but some of the organs in his body had suffered different degrees of damage. This kind of damage was to a large extent irreversible, at least in modern medicine, there was no way to actively repair and restore it.

Regarding his problem, Zhou Ze only used a conservative method of treatment. Everything would be discussed when he woke up.

The Deadpool was placed in a glass container. He was squirming on his own. Zhou Ze was not worried about him. When he walked past him, he picked up a bottle of glucose and poured half a bottle into it, looking at the pieces of meat wriggling and pressing against each other, it really made one’s scalp tingle.

Fortunately, boss Zhou was already used to it. He drank the remaining half bottle of glucose as he walked. Even after a week had passed, Zhou Ze was still not used to starting work in the morning.

Bai Yingying’s ward was the most fastidious. The furnishings inside had also been rearranged. It had a pink theme, and there were many paper cranes hanging on it.

For him, there was no need for surgery. Modern medicine taught people how to treat human problems, but there was no discipline to treat zombies.

Putting down the glucose bottle, Zhou Ze sat down next to Bai Yingying. His fingernails grew a little longer, and he began to give her a massage.

Only his fingernails could stimulate her. This was a bit like acupuncture, and ordinary massages were not even enough to tickle her.

The massage lasted for about forty minutes. Zhou Ze’s forehead was sweating. He helped Bai Yingying cover herself with the blanket and went downstairs to the bathroom to take a shower.

After changing his clothes, Zhou Ze came up with a towel and a plastic basin. He returned to the bedroom where Bai Yingying was. He first took off her clothes and then dipped a towel in hot water to wipe her body.

In the past, it was Bai Yingying who did this for him. This time, it was his turn to do it for her.

From the outside, at least, the injuries on Yingying’s body looked like they had recovered. However, the internal injuries and the loss of vitality were still extremely huge.

Regarding this, Zhou Ze could only hug her to sleep every night and try to pass on some evil energy to her. However, for some reason, he did not succeed for several nights.

The girl’s body was very beautiful, like a work of art from the Creator. Boss Zhou was not Liu Xiahui. It would be a lie to say that he was not moved at all, but he could still restrain some of the wild thoughts in his heart, he had to finish what he needed to do.

Every patient would patrol both sides of the hospital every day. When it was over, it was already afternoon. Boss Zhou really felt like he had returned to work in the hospital.

Moreover, it felt good to return to his old job. Zhou Ze even thought about whether he should open a clinic in the future?

He returned to the first floor and poured a glass of ice water. He drank it slowly and half-lay down to rest.

A taxi stopped outside the door. The Little Loli jumped down from it and walked into the bookstore.

During this period of time..,

zhou Ze was responsible for taking care of the patients. The task of investigating the old man’s matter was handed to Loli Xiong to carry out.

As for the old man’s “Pissing beef ball”corpse, other than leaving a few pieces of minced meat as specimens, zhou ze directly cremated it. He couldn’t leave the old man a complete corpse. If anything were to happen again, it would be troublesome.

“What did you find out?”

Zhou ze lit a cigarette and blew out a smoke ring.

“It’s still the same as before. The old man is indeed dead a long time ago, and the account has been closed. I also interviewed some old people, and they can confirm this matter.

“As for whether the old man borrowed his identity or not, although the old man doesn’t have a direct descendant, I found someone from his nephew’s generation and used the bits of meat you left behind to extract the DNA for comparison, “It proves that the two are indeed related by blood.”

“So, it’s not borrowing his identity, but it’s really him?”


“That’s interesting. An important figure in metaphysics has always brought his previous identity with him. He has a record of his past life. Why did he make such an arrangement?”

“I don’t know either.”

At that moment, little monkey suddenly ran down from upstairs. He grabbed Zhou Ze’s clothes and began to squeak.

“What’s Wrong?”Zhou ze asked.

Little Monkey kept pulling Zhou Ze.

Zhou ze nodded. He followed little monkey up to the second floor and entered the room where the old priest was.

The old priest’s eyes were wide open and he looked alright. When he saw Zhou Ze enter, the old priest said with a serious face,

“Boss, please forgive me for being injured. I Can’t bow.”

The corner of Zhou Ze’s mouth twitched,

he suddenly wanted to go up and beat him up again.

“What’s the matter?”Zhou ze asked.

“Boss, this penniless priest wants to get out of bed and take a walk. I’ve been lying here for more than a week. I want to go out and breathe some fresh air.”

This was a very normal request of an old man,

whether it was in the hospital, in the nursing home, or in front of his children..,

this was a very normal request.


zhou Ze was not a nurse, nor was he a nurse, nor was he a child of a veteran,

if you let Zhou Ze have nothing better to do, Push the veteran out for a walk and chat, and lament about the infinite beauty of the setting sun..,

this was really too difficult for boss Zhou.


Zhou Ze agreed.

The veteran was stunned for a moment,

he had only tentatively made this request, but he did not expect the boss to actually agree!

For a moment..,

the old Taoist had an impulse to “A gentleman dies for his bosom friend”.

As expected..,

as the saying goes, a long journey reveals a person’s heart,

the boss was a very kind-hearted person. It was not in vain for him to shed blood and sweat for the study room!

Zhou Ze helped the old Taoist up from the bed and slowly brought him downstairs. He first placed him on the sofa to lie down.

The old priest felt very comforted,

as he stroked monkey’s head, he looked at Zhou Ze’s back,

in a trance,

he felt as if his own sons and grandsons were beside him.

Of course,

the old priest did not dare to say such words. Otherwise, he would probably be beaten up by Zhou Ze and lie back on the bed.

But then..,

the old priest was dumbfounded.

He saw Zhou Ze push out a wheelchair from the back room’s grocery room.

This wheelchair..,

it looked so damn familiar!

It seemed to be the wheelchair that he had specially bought for the boss in the past.

No Way..,

no Way..,

no Way..

Zhou Ze walked over and picked up the old priest.

“Boss, this… this…”

“What’s Wrong?”

“This penniless priest suddenly feels that it’s better to lie on the bed and recuperate, or not go out and mess around, which will also distract you, right, Boss?”

“Going out to breathe fresh air is good for your recovery.”

“Uh… boss, there’s really no need. There’s really no need to go through so much trouble.”The old priest’s face was almost twisted into a dough twist.

“It’s okay. It’s not troublesome.”

“Don’t, Boss. You Can’t do that. You Can’t do that. This is the wheelchair that I bought for you in the past. How can I sit in this ridiculous chair? It’s not suitable, it’s not suitable.”

“It’s okay, don’t stand on ceremony.”

As he said that,

zhou ze placed the old priest on the wheelchair.

“Lin Ke, open the door,”Zhou Ze said.

Lin Ke, who was standing by the door, opened the door of the study room.

“Don’t… Don’t… Don’t do this… boss… you can’t… You Can’t… you can’t… I… I refuse…”

Zhou Ze ignored the old priest’s words,

he pressed the button for Old Dan.

At the next moment,

the wheelchair started to “Toot Toot Toot”, and at the same time, it started to play a beautiful ballad:

“I have a little donkey, and I never ride it,

“One day, on a whim, I rode it to the market,

“I held a small whip in my hand, and my heart was filled with pride…”

The old priest’s face was flushed red. It was the same color as a monkey’s butt. He really wanted to cry, but no tears came out. He had bought this wheelchair for Zhou Ze,

but he did not expect..,

that he would one day sit on it.

“Du du du du…”

The electric wheelchair carried the old priest out of the study room,

the old priest sat in the electric wheelchair with children’s songs playing and entered the pedestrian street of South Main Street, which was bustling with people in broad daylight,

he was being inspected by the people.

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