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Published at 5th of August 2020 08:58:47 PM
Chapter 31

Translator: Black lotus

Editor: imsara

It occurred twenty years ago on Mount Kuko .


Kein and Altena, the two new adventurers who were unfamiliar with the game, were unlucky enough to be surrounded by a pack of goblins . One goblin almost stabbed Kein with a raised spear, however, Altena quickly took a stand and defended him .

This is a common story if you were an adventurer . But for them, it was a cruel tragedy for them . Kein wielded his iron sword and managed to take down a group of goblins .

Then, he rushed over to Altena in a hurry, but the wound on the chest which was caused by a sharp spear was fatal and now it was too late .

”Thank goodness Kein, you’re safe…… . ”

“Altena, don’t talk . I’ll take care of it now!”

With the bandages and herbs he had on hand, he managed to stop the blood . However, it flowed incessantly from Althena’s chest wound . In Kein’s arms, Altena’s life was about to end .

“It’s all right . Thank you…”

What’s the point?

The wound was so deep that it wouldn’t stop bleeding . Young Kein cried, but still continued to hold the wound with a bandage to stop the blood .

“I’ll always be there to watch over Kein…”

“Altena! Oh no… . Altena!”

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Kein’s exclamation echoed throughout Mount Kuko . Then, Kein scrambled desperately to find a way to revive Althena, but it was impossible for the new adventurer to do so . Altena’s corpse became impossible to resuscitate and was buried generously in the church where they had been raised .

Later, a suicide note was found in Althena’s luggage . From the moment she and Kein had decided to become adventurers together, Altena had been prepared for the what-ifs . The letter was a simple thank you to Kein .

[That time I spent at the orphanage with Kein was always, always a wonderful moment, and that the days were always a jewel .

I am so lucky to have been an adventurer and to have been able to continue to be with Kein .

If I were to die, the kind Kein would probably blame himself .

But it’s not Kein’s fault, so please don’t ever blame yourself .

It’s a good thing that Kein will continue to do his best and help others in need as an adventurer .

No matter what happens, Altena was happy to be with him on this adventure .

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And that Altena would always be watching over Kein . ]

For the next twenty years, Kein continued to diligently hunt for medicinal herbs on Mount Kuko . Perhaps Kein didn’t have the talent to be an adventurer .

He failed to advance from the D-rank and was eventually derided by other adventurers as a “herb hunter” . Nevertheless, Kein continued to help the people he met in the mountains and hunt medicinal herbs diligently .

And so Altena’s spirit remained on the ground for a long time, and as promised, she continued to watch over Kein for a long time . The turning point came when Kein picked up a flimsy statue of a god in his twentieth year . It was a statue of a god that had died out and forgotten by the people .

Kein cleaned the statue of the god that had been struck down and washed it clean . Erected a small shrine to it and enshrined it as a mountain god . The soul of Altenab had been watching over Kein all along .

Kein, who never forgot his promise to Altena continued to do good deeds on Mount Kuko . Their earnest desire eventually reached the Lord God, Odia, who governed the gods . Then, the power as a good god was given to Altena’s soul .

”I see, it was Altena who saved me until now . ”

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The fact that Kein had found the Fruit of Resuscitation, the fact that the sword had been thrust into the dragon’s head, the fact that a large number of nuts had fallen to the point of desperation after being attacked by Kars and the others, and the fact that he had been safe against a large number of monsters…

All of this was the work of Altena, the good god who was watching over Kein, and it was no accident .

”Kein, Kein!”

Altena’s nostalgic voice, calling softly to Kein, her beautiful figure shining like a god .

Does this mean that she has become a god?

Altena’s red hair had changed to a translucent gold color, but the gentle smile staring at Kein remained the same . Ah, so much to the side, I can feel Altena .

”Altena . Thank you for saving me!”

With tears flowing from his eyes without stopping, Kein hugged Altena tightly . Hugging her tightly that she would never let go again . Kein was finally able to tell Altena the words he couldn’t say twenty years ago . ""

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