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Chapter 987: 987

However, those people on the first floor had guessed wrong . The young man did complain when he reached home . However, the Song family head was worried about his eldest son, Song Ming, and could not care about his younger son . Therefore, after listening to the guard’s explanation, he just told him to stay out of trouble, so there was no aftermath .

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In the West courtyard, a beautiful lady was looking at the jewels brought from the jewellery shop . She picked up a necklace and asked the servant girl to put it on her . After inspecting the result, she heard the sound of kicking and swearing outside .

“Go and see what’s going on . ” The beautiful lady spoke slowly . Her voice was gentle and soft, just like a sweet-tempered and delicate beauty . Her physique and complexion were indeed like that . Even though she was in her thirties, she looked just like a woman in her twenties .

This beautiful lady was the Song family’s Second Madam .

“Madam, it’s Third Young Master who is sulking outside . He had no idea who hit him . His face is injured, but he won’t let me put medicine on his wound . ”

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Second Madam was stunned . She put down her jewellery and went out . When she came to the courtyard and saw her son’s face black and blue, she approached him feeling distressed . “Who had the nerve to beat you like this? Quick, take some medicine and apply it on Third Young Master’s wound . ”

“I don’t want to!” He pushed Second Madam away and snapped in anger, “I won’t apply the medicine!”

“If you get hurt, you have to apply the medicine . How can you not put it on? Don’t be angry . Hurry up, Mother will do it for you . ” She looked at her son with heartache, took the medicine handed by her servant girl, and was about to put it on him .

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“Don’t apply it! Don’t!” He pushed away angrily, shattering the medicine in Second Madam’s hand on the ground .

Seeing this, Second Madam’s delicate face appeared a little worried and asked: “Then tell Mother, who beat you? It’s not your big brother who pulled you to the training ground and beat you like this again, is it?”

“It’s not him! It was two rotten kids . They beat me up and forced me to compensate the shopkeeper .  I can’t swallow the tone, but Father said that he is busy with big brother’s matters . He asked me not to cause trouble and can’t get rid of the problem for me . ” He said resentfully with unwillingness in his eyes .

Even if his father doted on him, his matters would never be more important than that of his eldest brother . Just because he was born of a concubine and his mother was not the Song family head’s legal wife .

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Second Madam’s eyes flashed . She told him softly, “Since your father said so, don’t think of this matter again, lest make your father unhappy . ”

“Big Brother is causing trouble outside all day, but Father didn’t say anything . If Big Brother is bullied outside, Father will help him out . ” He said angrily with clenched fists . The more he thought about it, the more difficult it was to let go .

“Don’t always compare yourself with your elder brother . Your elder brother is the legitimate son . Your father values him on this basis . It’s alright to talk about these things here, but don’t talk outside and let others hear them . Otherwise, if your father and elder brother know, they will be unhappy . ”

She patted his hand . “Alright, go back first! Don’t talk about it again . ”


“Go!” She beckoned and ordered two people to send him back to his courtyard . After he left, she sat in the courtyard with a gleam in her limpid eyes . “Call the guards who went out with Third Young Master today . ”

“Yes . ” The servant girl went out and called those people .

In the evening, when the night was getting darker, two figures in black flitted across the roof and descended soundlessly on the roof of an inn .

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