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Published at 20th of March 2020 12:05:06 AM
Chapter 986: 986

Upstairs at the guest room, Feng Jiu heard the pandemonium and exclamations on the first floor . She shook her head . It was full of clamour everywhere, especially with some people who could stir up trouble .

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Ning Lang was not very powerful, but he was shrewd . Duan Ye could fight against Golden Core, so she didn’t have to worry about them losing .

So she rubbed her neck and ordered Cloud Devouring Beast to guard the door . Then she went to bed and rested .

Downstairs, several guards with Great Spirit Master cultivation were vulnerable at Ning Lang and Duan Ye’s hands . They could only help the third young master who had been beaten black and blue to escape . However, before they left the gate of the inn, they were blocked by Ning Lang, who smiled and narrowed his eyes .

“Hey hey, you can leave, but shouldn’t we deal with compensation first before leaving?”

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“It’s you who smashed the shop!” The young man glared at him angrily while gnashing his teeth ferociously .

“What did we break? You’re the one who smashed it, what do you say, shopkeeper?” Ning Lang smiled and squinted at the shopkeeper who had just emerged .

The shopkeeper wiped his cold sweat . He looked at Ning Lang of Duan ye, then at the young man and his several guards . He didn’t know the former’s origin, but his strength was extraordinary . The latter was the Song family’s Third Young Master in the city that he didn’t dare to offend .

After hesitating again and again, he carefully answered, “This, otherwise, why don’t you both compensate me a little, I…” Before he finished speaking, Ning Lang interrupted him .

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“What? Do you want me to pay damages? Shopkeeper, are you serious? Are you sure your eyes don’t grow at the sole of your feet? It was obvious that they brought people to make trouble here, moving the sword blades to your table and chair and chopping them down . To my surprise, you still want to make this young master pay damages? In your dreams! It’s your luck that I didn’t ask compensation for startling me . You want me to pay damages? You think it’s easy to earn my money, don’t you? ?”

The chubby boy stood in the doorway with his eyes staring, blocking the boy’s departure . While glowering and scolding at the shopkeeper . If you dared to make me pay damages, I would dare to fight hard with you . The shopkeeper was at a loss .

The Song family’s men were pretty good at using their swords . But if they didn’t lift up their chairs and tables and smash them at him, the furniture wouldn’t be chopped into pieces and the first floor wouldn’t be destroyed like this . The shopkeeper couldn’t help but face several people of the Song Family . For a moment, he felt upset .

“What are you stunned there for? Pay the damages! ” Ning Lang stared at the people in front of him . “Or, do you think it’s not enough? Do you want another fight? ”

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The young man gritted his teeth . The pain on his face made him swallow his anger into his stomach and said to a guard, “Pay damages!”

A guard saw this and took out some money to compensate the shopkeeper hurriedly so that his young master could leave .

“Little guy, talking money with Grandpa Ning? It’s already good that I didn’t ask you to compensate me with the underpants . ” Ning Ye snorted . “Bring us some snacks and send them upstairs . ” He ordered the shopkeeper .

“Yes, yes . ” The shopkeeper assented, watching them both go upstairs .

On the first floor, some cultivators sitting in the corner were surprised to see this scene . He didn’t expect that the two youngsters could beat the guards and the young man and made them pay damages .

However, the young man who was beaten was the Song family’s third young master . Even if he was born from a concubine . since the Song family head only had three sons, he loved them dearly . Since these two youngsters beat him, they would be in trouble soon .

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