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Published at 20th of March 2020 11:59:01 AM
Chapter 982
Chapter 982: Song Ming, the debauchee

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She took them to the restaurant and ordered 12 dishes . Before all the dishes were served, Ning Lang, looking miserable due to hunger, scooped up some rice and started gobbling the food without caring to talk to the two of them .

Feng Jiu and Duan Ye looked at each other and sat down at the table . They only drank wine and didn’t eat much . Until, an hour later, Ning Lang took a breath slowly and finally put down his chopsticks .

“Full?” Feng Jiu asked him with a smile .

“I’m full . ”

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He rubbed his stomach and belched . “This is the most satiating and delicious meal I have ever had . ” As soon as he finished speaking, he looked at the two people . “I thought you were gone . I thought I really had to be sold to the male brothel! Those people, I told them that I am from the Ning family and my family was very rich, but they didn’t believe it . ”

While speaking, his face was filled with anxiety . “All my things were stolen by those people . ”

Feng Jiu glanced at him and just threw a Heaven and Earth Bag at him . “Your things are all here . OK, since you’re full, let’s go!! We’ve been delayed here for several days . ”

Ning Lang was startled . When he opened the bag to take a look, he was astonished . “This is indeed my treasure . How can it be with you…”

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He wanted to ask, but seeing Feng Jiu and Duan Ye had gone outside, even the little round and white pet had followed, he quickly put the bag away and left .

After the three left the city gate and immediately tossed the magic flying weapon, they flew to the next second-grade country . About two days later, they arrived at a town in a country neighbouring the Indigo Country .

“Aren’t we going to Hell Mountains? Why are we here?” Ning Lang, at Feng Jiu’s side, looked at the red-garbed young man walking at a leisurely pace with some confusion .

The more he racked his brain these two days, the more he felt that something was not right . However, he couldn’t think of anything wrong . It was true that she did save him, but how come all his things were with her?

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They arrived at the inn together . He also knew that Feng Jiu and Duan Ye didn’t go out at that time, so it’s impossible to find someone to clean him up at that time, but he still had a feeling of being schemed against .

But, taking her chilliness into consideration, he did not dare to ask again .

“We’re here to find someone, Song Ming . ” Feng Jiu answered . They entered the city together . Looking at the bustling and lively city, her gaze fell on a tea stand ahead .

“Let’s have a cup of tea first!”

The two men and Little Devouring Cloud followed her obediently behind . When they came to the tea stand, there were some small refreshments in addition to the tea .

“Why do you want to find Song Ming? He’s a debauchee . He likes beauties and does not work all day . ” Ning Lang curled his lips . He didn’t know Song Ming well, but he had heard of his reputation . It could be said that he was a local ruffian from a rich and powerful family .

Duan Ye knew the identity of Feng Jiu as a teacher . He knew long ago that she wanted to find Song Ming . Therefore, he held no sentiments about it . He never had a deep acquaintance with Song Ming, but in the past, he often heard of and paid attention to him in the academy . It’s just that in the two-star academy, Ning Lang, Song Ming, Luo Fei and himself were listed as the four big pricks of the academy . No teachers dared to instruct them and no one dared to offend them .

Therefore, from his people’s investigation, he knew that the other three men, like his Duan family, possessed a strong influence here as well as having families in the eight supreme empires .

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