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Published at 12th of March 2020 11:10:06 PM
Chapter 974: 974

Ning Lang was dumbfounded and he stood there in disbelief: “Three, three hundred silver coins? Who? Who sold me? I’m only worth three hundred silver coins? You must be joking? Come back! The one skinny like a monkey, come back! Tell me properly!”

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The manager who was already walking away stopped and turned around when he heard what he said, his face somber . He walked forwards and glared at Ning Lang gloomily: “Fatty, who are you calling a monkey?”

Ning Lang was conscious of the man’s sullen face and couldn’t help but be secretly startled . The man was a Foundation mid-rank cultivator and he didn’t dare offend him . He calmed down and said: “If you release me, I can give you money . ”

The manager looked at him up and down, his face revealed contempt as he said: “Give me money? All you have left on you is fat and these rags for clothes . Where will you get the money?”

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He glared back at him angrily and was about to speak when he realised that something was amiss . The spiritual breath and energy in his body had disappeared, he was like an ordinary person . He was flustered and swallowed, holding back what he had wanted to say .

He was the young master of Ning City and his status was beyond anyone’s imagination . However, if he were to tell these people who he was, wouldn’t it be even more dangerous?

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At the same moment he changed his mind, the manager waved his hand: “Take him away and keep a close watch on him . There is an auction tonight, take him there . He is fair and chubby, I’m sure someone will offer a good price . ”

Upon hearing this, Ning Lang’s eyes narrowed: “What do you mean by offering a good price? I’m telling you now, don’t do anything to me! You better let me go or you will regret it! Did you hear me? Let me go!”

“Let you go? In your dreams!” The manager pinched his chubby face with glee: “Fatty, you seem to be well fed, you’re much meatier than other people . ”

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“Old thing, you dare take advantage of your grandpa! Do you also pinch your grandpa’s face?” Ning Lang was furious . His hands were tied and he was lifted off his feet and carried away . Fortunately the manager stepped away quickly, otherwise he would have been kicked in the crotch .

The manager who avoided the kick had a somber face, his fists were scrunched up as he made a loud rattling noise . The next moment, he punched Ning Lang in the stomach viciously . Only a loud bang could be heard and Ning Lang groaned . His face was flushed and his body shrank back slightly as if he couldn’t catch his breath . He didn’t speak for a long time .

“You dare cause trouble here? You’re just asking to be beaten up! Leave him be for now . Lock him in iron cage number nine and let him slowy wear off his energy . I want to see if he dares cause more trouble while he is locked up in iron cage number nine!” He snorted heavily and walked away with a sweep of his sleeve .

The two strong men brought Ning Lang, who was screwed up into a ball, to the iron cage with a number nine marked on the outside . They opened the iron cage and pushed him inside before they locked the cage .

“What are you doing! Let me out! Let me out! Asshole! Let me out!”

He was banging on the iron bars and shouting, but he was ignored . Suddenly, he felt a dangerous breath behind him and turned around cautiously . What he saw turned his face pale white and he couldn’t help but swallowed nervously as he pressed his back against the iron bars of the cage .

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