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Published at 12th of March 2020 11:10:06 PM
Chapter 973: 973

Chapter 973: This Merchandise Is Pretty Good

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When she saw the three people staring at her, unmoving, with a look of shock on their faces, she repeated: “That’s it, stick to your original plan and take him to sell . After you’ve sold him, you can keep the money . Just sell him quickly . Take him away before he wakes up . ”

When they realised that he wasn’t joking, the three men lifted up the body and were about to carry it out when they heard the young boy in red shout .

“Wait . ” Feng Jiu seemed to have remembered something and walked over: “Put him down and untie the sack . ”

The three men daren’t ask any questions and did as they were told quickly . Upon opening the sack, it revealed a chubby young boy in rags .

Upon seeing the unconscious fatty, Feng Jiu’s lips curled upwards . With a quick movement of her fingers, she used a silver needle and blocked the spiritual breath and energy within his body . She then signalled: “Okay, carry him away!”

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“Yes . ” The three men looked at each other, secretly frightened, and carried the body away hurriedly, limping under the weight as they walked out .

Feng Jiu put all the things on the ground into a Qiankun bag and put them into space . She brought Cloud Devouring along as she followed the three men . Didn’t he want to run away? She wanted to know what Ning Lang’s reaction would be when he woke up and realised that he had been sold .

As the three men knew that the boy in red was following them, they didn’t dare delay their task . They brought the boy to the underground market and found the manager in charge: “We want to sell this person to you, give us a price!” The three men had initially wanted to dump the body and leave . However, they thought about the poverty at home and decided that they should stay and make some money .

“Who is this person?” The manager glanced at the body and kicked it with his foot . He looked at the three men and asked: “A man? Men aren’t worth much money . ”

The three men swallowed and replied: “This young boy is fair and chubby . He is quite adorable . Please take a look first . ” Saying that, they untied the sack and revealed Ning Lang’s head .

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The manager stepped forwards to take a look . A fifteen or sixteen year old boy, he was indeed fair and chubby faced . He looked wealthy but there was no presence of spirit energy on his body . He was probably just an ordinary boy . Therefore, he nodded his head: “Well, he looks ok . Tell you what, I will give you two hundred silver coins . ”

“Two hundred silver coins?” The three men were stunned: “The merchandise is so good, he can’t be only worth two hundred silver coins . We don’t want much, just another hundred silver coins! Just enough to split between the three of us!”

The manager glanced at the three men and waved his hand: “Okay, I will give you three hundred silver coins! Go over there to get your money!” Saying that, he lifted his hand to beckon someone to come over and told the three of them to follow him to get their money .

“Hmmm… . . ”

Whilst Ning Lang was unconscious, he seemed to have overheard their conversation, said that he was worth three hundred silver coins, there was a deal . The originally unconscious mind was suddenly wide awake and immediately asked: “What merchandise? Let the master take a look . ”

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The manager who was standing by his side smiled: “What young Master? You little fatty want to be called master? Stop dreaming . ” He then shouted loudly: “Get two people, give this boy a wash and a change of clothes and lock him up with the other teenagers . ”

Ning Lang was stunned and jumped up: “What did you say? What do you mean by locking me up?” He had only just got out of the sack and was held down .

“You’ve been sold . Didn’t you know? Three hundred silver coins . Don’t worry, I will sell you for a high price . ” He laughed and walked away with his hands clasped .

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