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Published at 20th of March 2020 11:59:07 AM
Chapter 972

Chapter 972: Bring The Fatty To Sell

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Upon hearing this, the few men stared at him warily and one of them stepped forwards with his fists screwed up: “Since you showed up, we shall take care of you as well!”

That fist harnessed energy and struck out, but before it reached Feng Jiu, she kicked it away . He was pushed back into the house and fell onto the ground . Perhaps he couldn’t catch his breath, he lay there and stared for a few moments before he got back up .

“Get him!”

The sack that contained Ning Lang was thrown onto the ground . The sound of a heavy object crashed to the ground as the three men charged at Feng Jiu, their moves swift with the intention to kill .

Two of the men were Foundation beginner-rank cultivators and one of them was Foundation medium-rank cultivator . They would be able to deal with Ning Lang, however, against Feng Jiu they didn’t stand a chance .

The three men only saw a flash of red go past them, a powerful breath and energy permeated the small mud house, the Golden Core energy shocked them . Their faces were pale as their opponent was so fast that they couldn’t even retaliate . They thought of escaping, but the entrance was blocked by the boy in red .

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One of them men flung around with the intention of escaping through the broken window at the back . However, unexpectedly, as he approached the window, a loud roar sounded out as Cloud Devouring leapt out and bit the man’s calf dragging him back .

“Hiss! Ah! My leg…”

Blood oozed out and the breath of death hovered, making the three men tremble in fear and horror as they stared at the young boy in red stood in front of the door with his arms crossed .

“We will return everything to you, we will return the boy to you, don’t kill us, don’t kill us… . . ” The three of them hurriedly threw everything onto the floor, the gold belt, the rings, the jade pendant, everything piled onto the ground forming a little mountain .

Instead of money, they would rather live . If they weren’t alive, then money was no use to them anyway .

“Not running away anymore?” Feng Jiu glanced at them and spoke, her voice exuded a cold breath .

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“No, we’re not running away now, we’re not running away . ” The three men said hurriedly as they looked at the young boy, their heart shaking with fear .

Cloud Devouring opened his mouth and released the leg of the man he bit and growled threateningly through his sharp teeth before he returned to Feng Jiu’s side .

“Have you taken everything back out?”

“Yes, yes we have taken out everything . We’ve even taken out the things we took previously, really . ” The three men said quickly and turned out their clothes to show him that they didn’t have anything that belonged to the little fatty .

“Earlier on you mentioned that you were going to take him to sell? So where in the city is there human trafficking business?” She raised her eyebrows questioningly .

When the three of them heard this, their hearts raced: “No no no, we daren’t sell him, we daren’t… . ”

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“I asked you a question! Where is the human trafficking business? What kind of people are the traffickers? Make it clear . ”

Seeing that he wasn’t not laying blame on them, they said bravely: “It’s in the underground market in the city . There is a slave market there . We had intended to sell him to make some money…”

Feng Jiu’s lips curled and she smiled: “Since this is the case, then do as you originally planned!”

The three men stared dumbfoundedly at her and asked: “What, what do you mean?”

Feng Jiu glanced at them and said: “That’s it, just take him to sell . ”

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