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Published at 20th of March 2020 11:59:11 AM
Chapter 971

Chapter 971: Bare Naked

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Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu’s lips curled into a smile: “In the future, don’t play by the wall anymore, do you understand?”

The two children nodded with understanding as they stared at the cake in her hand, swallowing saliva .

“Here, this is for you . ” She noticed that their hands were dirty, hence she put the cake back into the box and gave the box of cakes to the two children: “Take them home to eat . ”

The two children appeared to be in disbelief as they stared blankly at the God-like person in front of them . They couldn’t help but ask softly: “It’s, it’s all for us?”

“Yes, it’s all for you . ” She put the box in their hands and said: “Go home . ”

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The two children smiled happily . After they took the box, as if afraid that it would be taken back, they ran off without even saying thank you .

Feng Jiu smiled and went off in search of the few men with Cloud Devouring .

Inside a dilapidated mud house, a few strong men threw Ning Lang onto the ground . One of them panted as he wiped his sweat and said: “This guy is as heavy as a pig . I’m exhausted after carrying him for so long . ”

“Quickly, remove all the valuable things on his body . ” Another man said as he rummaged through Ning Lang’s clothes and pockets . He removed the gold belt, jade pendant, and the rings on his fingers . The three men then started to split up the items .

“This guy has quite a lot of things on him . Here, this is for you, this is for me, and this is for you…”

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Feng Jiu looked through the cracks of the wall and watched the three men distribute the loot, then look at the unconscious Ning Lang and shook their heads .

“If we sell the clothes on this guy, it should be worth quite a bit of money too . Let’s remove his clothes and sell him too and make some more money . ” One of them suggested .

“Yes, the material of his clothes is very valuable . We can just put any clothes on him after we take them off and sell them quickly . ” The man beside him nodded in agreement .

The three men really did strip him of his clothes and he was bare naked . They found some old smelly clothes and put them on him .

“While it’s still early, let’s put him in a sack and take him to sell . If we take the side roads and alleys, we won’t be noticed . ” After saying that, the three men found a sack and put Ning Lang inside . They put the sack over their shoulders and opened the door to go out but they got a shock .

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They saw a young man dressed in red with a little pet in his arms standing outside the door . Handsome with a devilish charm and distinguished disposition . In sharp contrast to the mud house, it was as if an immortal had fallen into a dusty house . He didn’t look like he belonged there in the shabby slum .

When the three men came out of their shock, they glared at him with a fierce and wicked face and shouted: “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

In actual fact, they did recognise him, he was with the little fatty and arrived together in the horse carriage . They just hadn’t expected the youth in red clothes to appear here . How did he find them? They actually didn’t even know they were being followed?

“Where do you intend to take him to sell? Is there a human trafficking market in this city?” Feng Jiu’s lips curved upwards revealing an evil smile . Her eyebrows raised slightly as a hint of interest flashed across her eyes .

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