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Published at 20th of March 2020 11:59:22 AM
Chapter 967

Chapter 967: A Chance To Slip Away

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The horse carriage travelled all night . Ning Lang finally woke up the next morning to find himself in the shaking of the carriage . When he woke up, he thought of his father and mother and him passing out, and instinctively jumped up . As he jumped up, he hit his head on the roof of the carriage .


“Ouch! It hurts!”

At the same time, his hand covered his forehead and he looked in anger at the young man in red who had his eyes closed and hands across his chest .

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“Feng Jiu! I already said I’m not going, why did you take me? You even encouraged my father and mother to drug me . You, you are despicable!” He pointed his chubby finger at Feng Jiu as he scolded .

Feng Jiu opened her eyes slowly and looked coldly at him: “Ning Lang . ”

Ning Lang’s heart sank with just one look and he lowered his finger, his eyes avoiding her stare . Even his anger softened into grievance, he pouted and turned his head refusing to look at her .

“I’ve already said that I’m not going, why did you take me with you? And you used such despicable means . ” He muttered quietly, not daring to scold again .

Duan Ye who was steering the horse carriage outside heard all this and his heart wavered . The more time he spent with Feng Jiu, the more he found that he didn’t understand this teacher . Sometimes he was quite easy-going and you could say anything to him . But sometimes he was a bit strange and not easy to get along with . And when he stared coldly, the breath emanated from him was strange and really scared him .

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He had only become the driver because he was ordered to do so and he obeyed, let alone Little Fatty Lang .

“From the moment you left your house, you have to obey me . Don’t create any trouble for me or you will be sorry when I teach you a lesson . ” She instructed coldly then closed her eyes and stopped looking at him .

Ning Lang opened his mouth a few times but never said a word . He looked at Feng Jiu with his eyes closed, resting, and murmured in his heart: He would stop arguing with him . When he had a chance he would slip away . He refused to believe that he would be unable to find his way home .

He calmed down when he thought of this and looked around the horse carriage . He drew up the curtain . When he saw Duan Ye outside wearing grey coloured clothes and couldn’t help but laugh: “Duan Ye, what are you wearing? A Prince wearing these clothes, are you not afraid of being laughed at?”

Duan Ye looked back at him with his baby face, and he looked at Feng Jiu who still had his eyes closed: “Stop talking about my Prince status . ”

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“Okay, okay, I won’t say anymore . ” He patted his shoulder and looked outside asking: “Where are we going? My whole body is sore from being in the horse carriage . When can we get to an inn to rest?”

“I will let you know when we arrive . ” He sped up the horse carriage .

Upon seeing this, Ning Lang said nothing more and sat back in the horse carriage staring at Feng Jiu, thought running through his head quickly .

After about two hours, they arrived at a town . When they got inside, Duan Ye found an inn and stopped the carriage . He got off the carriage and said to the two people inside: “We’ve arrived at the inn . ”

Ning Lang jumped out immediately, his chubby frame was quite agile . He stretched his back after he got out of the carriage and headed inside the inn: “Boss, we need three rooms . ”

Behind him, Feng Jiu got off the carriage and walked into the inn after glancing at the chubby frame in front of her .

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