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Chapter 964: 964
Chapter 964: Mixed Sky Silk

“Well, that is normal . There is fire poison within his body and this is the only way to expel the poison from his body . Okay, it’s getting late, I should get going . ” She looked at Duan Ye as she spoke .

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Duan Ye got up and walked over to his side .

When he heard that he said he was leaving, Mr He said hurriedly: “Please wait, Ghost Doctor . ” He then whispered an order to the servants . Not long after, the housekeeper arrived hurriedly, carrying something .

“Ghost Doctor, this is a treasure that I obtained unexpectedly . I hope you will accept it . ”

Feng Jiu had planned to refuse . However, when she set her eyes on the thing that was covered with a red cloth, she asked: “What is it?”

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“This is a Mixed Sky Silk, an ancient treasure that my ancestor acquired by accident . It has always stayed in the possession of the He family . ” Mr He replied and looked at Feng Jiu: “Ghost Doctor, you have saved my son and I am unable to repay you . I know that you like red clothes and recalled that there is one such treasure in my residence . Therefore, I would like to give it to you, please accept it Ghost Doctor . ”

Feng Jiu’s eyes lit up and she reached out to pick it up . Of course she knew of the Mixed Sky Silk . In the modern day, this was just a legendary treasure . She had not expected such a treasure to really exist at this moment in time . It was seven foot long and a sword wouldn’t be able to slash it, it was defensive and offensive, it could be used as a guard or to trap your enemy, it could also be used as a belt and also to tie your hands together . This was indeed a good treasure .

“If that’s the case, then I shall accept it . ” She smiled .

“Good, good . ” Mr He smiled joyfully and saw them out the door personally . Although the Mixed Sky Silk was an ancient treasure, it was however, seldom displayed in his residence . The people in his residence had no use for it, nor did they dare to use it .

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Without a certain strength and power, who would dare show off such a treasure in front of others?

On the horse carriage, Duan Ye couldn’t help but pursed his lips when he saw him playing with the Mixed Sky Silk: “The red silk looks like something a woman would use, I’m not sure why it would be called a treasure . ”

“This red silk truly isn’t suitable for just anyone, women can be picky and few men will like it . ” As she spoke, she raised her head and smiled: “I, however, like this . ”

“Two prescriptions and a bottle of medicinal pills and he will be cured? His swollen legs are honestly quite horrifying . ” He frowned as he spoke . As he’d not seen his condition improve, he was a little skeptical . However, Mrs He treated Feng Jiu like a celestial being and believed everything she said . How strange .

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When they arrived back at the City Master’s residence, they saw Fatty waiting for them outside . Duan Ye and Feng Jiu looked at each other when they saw him, Duan Ye asked: “Little Fatty, why are you sitting here?”

“Stop calling me Little Fatty, call me Ning Lang . ” He glared at Duan Ye with dissatisfaction as he reiterated . He then looked at Feng Jiu and his expression changed as he aimed to flatter, he smiled and said: “Feng Jiu, I have something to talk to you about . ”

“Well, let’s go inside and talk . ”

She nodded and walked inside, the two men behind her followed hurriedly . Neither of them had noticed that the seniority of the guest had changed . Even Duan Ye hadn’t realised that he subconsciously obeyed Feng Jiu and followed her instinctively, treating her as the most important person .

The three of them sat down at the table in the courtyard . Ning Lang chatted with Feng Jiu and asked how things went at the He family . After some hesitation, he said carefully: “So, Feng Jiu! I have thought about it seriously and I think that Hell Mountains is way too dangerous, so I won’t be going . ”

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