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Published at 29th of February 2020 12:30:06 PM
Chapter 963: 963

Upon hearing this, Mr He rejoiced and said hurriedly: “Okay, okay, what medicines do you need, Ghost Doctor? I will send a servant to get them immediately . ” He walked outside with him as he spoke .

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Duan Ye who was following behind them looked at the man on the bed and wondered, how can he be saved when he’s so ill? If so then he’s really got some skills!

“Hong’er, did you hear that? The Ghost Doctor said nothing will happen . ” Mrs He wiped her tears and stayed by her son’s bedside, crying tears of happiness at Feng Jiu’s words .

Hong’er smiled weakly and said: “Mother, don’t cry . ” He knew how bad his condition was, he knew that he wouldn’t live for much longer . As for the Ghost Doctor that his father and mother had invited over to treat him, he had heard of him before . However, he had reservations about what he promised, especially seeing that he was so young . How much can you believe of a nineteen year old boy?

Even so, he knew how worried his parents were, and could only play along . He had already accepted his fate, so even if the end result was his death, it did not matter .

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However, he was worried about his parents and couldn’t bear to leave them . He was their only son… .

When he thought of this, the tears rolled out of the corners of his eyes into the pillow, and disappeared .

Feng Jiu prescribed some medicine for him, and told them to prepare it first . She also gave them a list of medicines to purchase . To avoid any delay, Mr He instructed his most faithful servant to boil the medicine . The medicines that they had in the residence were taken out first and he went to buy the rest of the medicines personally .

Duan Ye was by Feng Jiu’s side the whole time and watched as she busied herself for half a day before she walked out to the courtyard to take a rest . He sat down at the table and asked her: “Are you really confident you will be able to cure him? He doesn’t look like he’s curable . ”

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“I have treated bone erosion poison before in the past . It is curable . However, he has been inflicted for a longer period of time, and is more serious . It is impossible for him to recover fully in a short period of time . After taking the medicine, his life will be saved . As for the damage done to his internal body, he will be able to recover by nursing his health . ” She poured herself a cup of tea as she spoke to him .

Duan Ye propped his face up with his hand and looked at Feng Jiu: “Are you really from a Seventh Grade Country?”

Feng Jiu laughly softly: “What? You don’t believe me?”

“Um . ” He nodded: “Seventh Grade Country is such a small country, how would they have someone like you?” Seeing that he only smiled back at him and said nothing, he stopped asking anymore questions .

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After an hour, Mr He came running out, his forehead covered in sweat: “Ghost Doctor, Ghost Doctor, we have all the medicines . ”

“Find a quiet courtyard for me to work in . I will concoct the medicine for you . ” She stood up as she spoke .

Upon hearing this, Mr He brought him to a quiet courtyard and instructed that no one should disturb him . Even Duan Ye was waiting outside and didn’t dare enter . Feng Jiu was inside for a long time . It was late in the night by the time she came out .

“This is a medicinal pill, he can take one pill a day . When he has finished all the pills, he will be fine . ” Feng Jiu handed a bottle to Mr He as she gave the instructions: “Also, the medicine that you boiled for him earlier, give it to him for half a month, then change to another prescription . ”

Mr He was a little surprised when he heard the instructions: “This, this is it? And he will be cured?”

“Yes, once he has finished the medicine he will be fine . ” She looked at the sky and asked: “It has been quite a few hours since your son has taken the boiled medicine . He should have some response to it by now?”

“Yes, yes . ” He nodded: “Just as Ghost Doctor said, after he drank the medicine, he started having diarrhoea . ”

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