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Chapter 962: 962

At the same time, Mr He had arrived at the City Master’s residence but was afraid to disturb him, so he waited outside til he awoke .

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After another hour, Feng Jiu roused from her sleep as she remembered that she was supposed to go to the He family residence today to assess the young master’s condition . She therefore got up to wash herself and was ready in no time . As she walked out into the courtyard, she called for Duan Ye and instructed the servants to serve breakfast . She ate while she waited for Duan Ye .

Another hour later, after the two of them had eaten, they walked out to the main courtyard and saw Mr He hurry over to greet them .

“Ghost Doctor . ”

“I’m so sorry, I woke up late . ” She said apologetically .

“No, don’t worry, I am early . ” Mr He said hurriedly . He looked at the young man in red and said respectfully: “Ghost Doctor, the horse carriage is ready . Ghost Doctor, you and Master Duan can get on!”

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“Mmm . ” Feng Jiu nodded and walked outside with him .

The two of them got into a luxurious horse carriage with Mr He steering the horse personally up front . Some people who saw this were surprised and enquired secretly .

After about an hour, they arrived at the He residence . Mrs He had already instructed the servants to wait outside for their arrival . Upon their arrival, they greeted the guests and invited them inside .

“Ghost Doctor, this is my Hong’er’s yard . Because he is unable to get out of bed, he has not come out to greet you . Please do not take offence . ” Mr He said .

“Of course not . ” Feng Jiu shook her head and stepped inside .

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As soon as she entered the bedroom, a strong smell of medicine entered her nostrils and the whole room smelt of death . Without looking at the person, she already knew that he was at death’s door .

“Open the doors and windows for some ventilation . ” She motioned .

Upon hearing this, Mrs He immediately instructed the servants to open the door and windows . She walked to the bedside with Feng Jiu and said: “Hong’er, this is the Ghost Doctor, do greet him quickly . ”

“Greetings to you Ghost Doctor, please do not take offence that I am unable to get out of bed . ”

Feng Jiu’s eyes fell on the young man laid on the bed . He was about twenty five years old, his face was thin and pale, and breathless when he spoke . In contrast to his pale complexion, his lips were fiery red .

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Upon seeing this, her head tilted as she said: “Let’s take a look at your legs!”

Mr He came forwards and pulled down the quilt that was covering his son . He was only wearing a pair of short pants as underwear . Both of his legs were black and red, and so swollen that anyone would be taken by surprise when they saw them .

When she saw this, Feng Jiu frowned slightly . She stepped forward and reached her hand out to take the temperature of his leg . Sure enough, it was hot to touch . She continued to frown as she looked at his legs, deep in thought . Finally, she said: “Lift his shirt up . ”

“Okay . ” Mr He hurriedly lifted up the shirt off his son’s body and looked at Feng Jiu, not daring to disturb him . Although he was anxious, he just stared silently .

Feng Jiu looked at his abdomen and then pressed down on it . When she saw the pain in the young man’s face, she retracted her hand and said: “The poison has started to spread upwards . At this point in time, the poison would have already spread to his internal organs . If he is unable to be treated within three days, he will die . ”

When Mrs He heard this, her legs weakened and she cried out: “I beg you Ghost Doctor, please save my son . Please, I only have one son… . ”

“Don’t worry . As long as I am here, nothing will happen . ” She comforted her and then turned to Mr He and said: “Mr He, come out with me! I need some medicine, Mr He you need to help me obtain them as soon as possible . ”

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