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Published at 28th of February 2020 11:40:06 PM
Chapter 956: 956

The city ruler was surprised . His brows were tightly knitted together and his face turned sombre . If this was true, one of the two young men coming today was Ghost Doctor . Besides, there were no other guests in their city ruler’s mansion .

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However, if one of them was really Ghost Doctor, Lang’er’s act of leaking the news and inviting guests to the banquet at the price of one hundred thousand gold was inappropriate .

Just as he was about to ask his wife what was going on, he saw the steward come this way with a smile on his face .

“Master, Madam, Young Master and his two friends are here . ”

Everyone looked back quickly and saw three young men were coming with Ning Lang, the son of the city ruler, leading the way . His chubby figure was apparent at a glance .

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As for the two young men behind him, one was in a magnificent purple robe while the other in a red robe had an unrestrained air all over him .

Their eyes instinctively fell on the young man in red . When they saw the beautiful and somewhat devilish face, they stood up one after another .

“Ghost Doctor! It’s really Ghost Doctor!”

“Yes, yes . I also have Ghost Doctor’s portrait . The person is more beautiful and dazzling than the picture . ”

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“It’s astonishing! Ghost Doctor is actually just a young man . I always thought he should be an old man or a middle-aged man, but I didn’t expect that he is this young . ”

“Ghost Doctor, I’m…”

In an instant, one after another rushed forward and surrounded Feng Jiu . Their words were filled with excitement, their hearts got even more thrilled . Besieging Feng Jiu, some people asked for medicine, some people for pills, while some others asked for his medical cure . It was a hubbub with one person saying something, and the other said another thing . They completely didn’t give Feng Jiu the chance to speak at all or the time to react .

Duan Ye, who was pushed aside, frowned and glanced at the grinning Ning Lang . “Fatty, what Ghost Doctor? Is this a mischief you made? ”

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“Hahaha, Duan Ye, you also don’t know? He really is the Ghost Doctor! Recently the news that a bottle of his potion can help one’s cultivation advance spread in all the major powers . A pill can restore the old to her youthful and most beautiful visage . He has great medical prowess . It’s said that he can rob people’s souls from the hands of Yama, the King of Hell . Therefore, he is called Ghost Doctor . ”

“He? It’s impossible, isn’t it?” Duan Ye stared at Feng Jiu with shock . He saw her look still unchanged even when surrounded by people . There was a shallow smile on her beautiful face . However, her inadvertent glance made him feel weird .

So he nudged Ning Lang with his elbow . “Fatty, did you offend him? Somehow I saw him looking at you so strangely? I can tell you… ”

He didn’t say anything more . The scene of Feng Jiu’s slaying people flashed in his eyes, making his heart tremble . Looking at her usual harmless look, he felt that she was more dangerous and impossible to predict .

The fatty had better not offend him, otherwise, even if he didn’t die, Ning Lang would surely lose a few catty of his fat meat .

“I just…” Ning Lang was about to speak but was suddenly called .

“Lang’er, come here for me!” The city ruler stared at his chubby son with a sombre face, seething with anger inwardly .

Seeing this, the city ruler’s wife quickly beckoned . “Come here, Lang’er, your father has something to ask you . ” She could see that her husband was angry at the moment, so to avoid any mishap, it was better to let the two of them have a chat .

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