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Chapter 955: 955

Feng Jiu smiled and said nothing .

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If it wasn’t for her identity as a teacher, she wouldn’t take them with her . She originally didn’t plan to go to Hell Mountains . But while on the way, she thought it would be better to go to Hell Mountains than teach them at the academy .

“Are you awake? I was wondering whether you’re still asleep ”

Ning Lang, that chubby little guy, came in . The 16-year-old plus his not so tall frame was really likeable . However, the pleasant-looking little fatty was a scheming man .

He looked at the two men, and finally, his gaze fell on Feng Jiu . He smiled with his tiny eyes narrowed . “Feng Jiu, are you comfortable here? Are you used to it? Do you need me to get you a different courtyard?”

“No need, it’s fine here . ” She stood up and flicked her dress .

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“Then let’s go! The banquet is ready at the front and my parents are already there . ” He said with a smile and motioned them to follow him .

“Let’s go, let’s go! I’m starving . Duan Ye took the first step out .

Feng Jiu glanced at Ning Lang with eyes filled with smiles . Then, she also went to the front courtyard .

At the front courtyard

“Why hasn’t anyone seen him yet?”

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“Yeah! We still haven’t seen him until now . Is this real or not?

“That’s right, didn’t they say that he’s here?”

When the city ruler’s wife heard the people sitting on both sides talking in a low voice, as if they had not seen someone, she couldn’t help but wonder .

“Everyone, are you talking about my little son? Hahaha, he went to invite his two friends in and should be back soon . ”

The city ruler spoke with a smile, but he felt something was off . He heard that his son was entertaining his two friends tonight, but how could he invite all of the major forces’ supreme rulers in Tranquil City? Moreover, none of them was absent . It’s strange that some of them arrived with their wives .

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When the people sitting on both sides heard this, they couldn’t help laughing . One of them asked, “City ruler, I heard that Ghost Doctor came to your house . Is it true?”

The city ruler was shocked to hear this . “Ghost Doctor? Where did you get the news? Why don’t I know? ” He really didn’t know where the ghost doctor came from in their mansion? Ghost Doctor had been famous for a long time . People wanted to see him and didn’t know his whereabouts . How could he appear in their mansion?

Besides, if he’s really in his mansion, how could he not know about it?

“City ruler, don’t you know it? Haha, don’t make a joke . Your esteemed son invited us to come tonight . Oh, that’s incorrect . ” The man shook his head and smiled . It’s not an invitation since they paid one hundred thousand gold for the invitation card .

The city ruler was confused . He looked at his lady beside him and saw that she also shook her head slightly, showing that she also had no idea . He could not help looking at the people sitting on the left and right and asked hesitantly, “what’s it all about? Everyone… ”

The people sitting on the left and right saw that he was really puzzled . They were surprised . Did the city ruler really not know?

Then, one of them explained . “Your esteemed son has disclosed the news to us that Ghost Doctor is in the city ruler’s mansion . He gave us an invitation card, but it cost one hundred thousand gold apiece . Therefore, we all want to know whether Ghost Doctor is really in the city ruler’s mansion? Why hasn’t anyone seen him yet? ”

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