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Chapter 953: 953

As a result, several prominent forces in the large Tranquil City received invitations from Ning Lang, the city ruler Ning’s son .

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To be exact, those were not sent for free but sold .

One piece of invitation card that granted its owner entry to attend a banquet at the city ruler’s mansion worth one hundred thousand gold . Even the supreme rulers of those forces were startled at its incredibly high price . They thought that he went money crazy .

Why on earth did they need to spend a hundred thousand gold to attend a banquet in his home for no reason? However, when they all listened to the secret guards and took a look at the invitation card, their expressions changed and their eyes were filled with amazement .

“Ghost Doctor? Is it truly Ghost Doctor? He’s at the city ruler’s mansion now?”

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Rather than being astonished, they were more pleasantly surprised . In particular, before they made the decision, their wives, after hearing the news, rushed to ask their husbands to pay the one hundred thousand gold and go to the banquet in the evening . It’s because they wanted to buy the Nourishing Beauty Pill from Ghost Doctor .

Heaven knew that the pill had caused a sensation since it came out . Regarding womenfolks, who didn’t want to look beautiful so as their men stayed being captivated and doted on to them? Especially in the clans with many wives and concubines, the charm of a beauty pill was irresistible . It’s because the pill would not only make them beautiful and young but could also change their life .

“Is Ghost Doctor really at the city ruler’s mansion?”

A clan head asked incredulously . People from various countries were looking for Ghost Doctor’s whereabouts . Yet, he’s coming here? Was this real or fake? How could he enter the city ruler’s mansion? Could it be that Ghost Doctor and the city ruler were old friends?

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“I’m just following orders and know nothing about other details . However, my master said that he never deceives people when doing business . The one hundred thousand gold is only the condition for you to attend the banquet tonight . He provides you with contact and opportunity . As for whether the ghost doctor will meet your requirements, it’s none of our master’s business . ”

The clan head hesitated, yet still told his men to bring the secret guard in and exchange the one hundred thousand gold with the invitation . After the secret guard left, he ordered his subordinate to inquire for news .

When he heard that several other powerful clans also bought the banquet invitation, his expression changed and his heart was filled with excitement .

Since everyone was willing to spend one hundred thousand gold to purchase the card, this must have been the ghost doctor .

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Their hearts beat wildly when they thought of Ghost Doctor’s superb medical skills as well as his potions and pills . Those were all priceless . If only they could get a bottle or two…

The clan head gulped at this thought and promptly ordered his people to get ready to go to the city ruler’s mansion in the evening .

Meanwhile, Feng Jiu, who’s cultivating inside the city ruler’s mansion, had no inkling whatsoever that the chubby little guy was so addicted to money . He would dare not only to sell her news after the first meeting but also to lead the city’s various forces to come .

If she knew what troubles he had caused this time, she would beat him into a pulp, making him remember this lesson for a long time .

Time went by . As the sun was setting in the west and the sky was not completely dark, several supreme rulers’ people holding invitation cards came to the city ruler’s mansion in succession . After showing the card, they were welcomed in by several young attendants .

At the same time, Feng Jiu opened her room door…

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