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Published at 21st of February 2020 10:50:07 PM
Chapter 935: 935
Chapter 935: Playing Games, Who Are You?

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When the young man smiled, two dimples appeared on his cheeks . The excitement in his eyes obvious as he spoke: “This game is called ‘Ghost Is Here’, bet you’ve not played it before . I will be the ghost, if you keep yourself hidden well enough and don’t get caught by the ghost, you get to live . If you get caught by the ghost, then well, you don’t need me to tell you what happens do you?”

The ten people stared in disbelief . When they were taken out of prison, they had thought that was the end for them . They never thought that this Tenth Prince would use them to play ‘Ghost Is Here’ with him . It’s a child’s game and he expected them to play with him?

“As long as we are not found, we can live?” A death row prisoner asked incredulously, unable to believe that this opportunity to live was right in front of them .

“Yes, of course! As long as you don’t get caught by the ghost, you may live . ” The young man looked at the prisoners happily as he memorised their faces . The next moment, he took the sword from his waist belt and cut the ropes that tied the prisoners together: “Okay, the game has begun, you better run! I won’t look and I will count to one hundred before I start the chase!” When he finished speaking, he leant forwards and lay on the flame lion . He even covered his eyes with his hands .

“One, two… . . five… . ”

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As they listened to the counting, the ten men were excited and ran hurriedly in all directions . After a while, they all disappeared without a trace .

The guards behind the youth looked on unwaveringly, as if accustomed to the ridiculousness of the youngster . They all stood guard and listened to the youngster counting as he lay on the flame lion . However, when he counted to thirty, he stopped .

The youngster on the flame lion lifted his head and squinted as he looked ahead in the different directions . A weird smile appeared on his face: “Playing ghosts in bright daylight . Where is everybody? It will be even more fun when it gets dark . ”

As he spoke, he stretched his back . He had intended to wait for the prisoners to become frightened before he started the hunt . Just then, he smelt a faint scent drifting close .

“Who brought barbequed meat? Why is it so fragrant?” The youth looked back at the men .

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“Tenth Prince, subordinates have not brought any . ”

The youngster patted the flame lion’s head and headed forwards saying: “You wait here! Don’t go anywhere without my orders . ”

“Yes . ” The guards responded respectfully and watched as he rode forwards on the flame lion .

“Is it okay that no one follows him?” One of the guards asked .

“Do you dare disobey the Tenth Prince’s orders? If you have the guts, then you follow him . ” Another guard replied and sat down to wait . However, shortly after he sat down, he did indeed smell the fragrance of barbequed meat, and so asked: “Who is barbecuing meat in here? The ten prisoners don’t have enough time to do anything like that . Is there someone else in the forest?”

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When he thought of this possibility, the man could not help but frown as he looked anxiously towards the youngster’s direction .

The youngster followed the scent of the barbequed meat and came to find a youngster dressed in red, sat crossed legged under a tree . He was eating something in his hand and there was a pile of smashed mudin front of him . There was a fragrant chicken on top of the pile of mud with its legs torn off . The fragrant smell alone made him want to leap forwards .

“Who are you?” He asked loudly as he stared sharply at the boy in red .

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