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Published at 23rd of February 2020 08:44:41 PM
Chapter 926

After a while, she stood up and said: “Okay! I accept this task . When you get back, send someone to give me the information of the four of them . I shall go and take a rest first . ”

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She wasn’t even able to take a bath in the two weeks she had spent in the mystic realm, nor did she have much rest . Therefore, all she wanted to do was go back and take a bath, have a good meal, and then take a rest .

“Okay, you go back first! I will send someone with the information later on . Tomorrow I will get someone to arrange new living quarters for you . ” The Headmaster said with a smile, and saw him out with the elder . After they saw his figure had disappeared, they both let out a sigh .

“Now that he has accepted the task, he should be able to get it done won’t he?” The Headmaster said with some expectation, but he also seemed perturbed at the same time .

“A seventeen, eighteen year old Golden Core stage cultivator, his talent is extremely rare . His free-hearted nature is somewhat similar to those students . I think he should be able to succeed . ” The elder said as he stroked his beard .

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“If he succeeds, then it doesn’t matter that Feng Jiu absorbed all the spiritual energy in the mystic realm . I would gladly let him do it a few more times!” The Headteacher sighed . He just wanted those four students to cultivate and advance so that they could enter the Nebula Gate and leave to go to the Eight Great Empires . Then would he only be relieved .

“Yeah! It’s just these four boys who are different from everyone else . The other students all put in efforts to cultivate in hopes of entering a One Star Academy to improve their strength . They just go out to play all the time and don’t listen to anyone . It’s really worrying . ” The elder also sighed: “I don’t even know where those women appeared from last year . They forced their way into my courtyard and really scared me . I didn’t sleep well for many nights after that . ”

Those few people, you couldn’t say that they aren’t capable, they could do what ordinary people can’t . You had to be wary of their craftiness too . If Feng Jiu could really control them, they would be able to smile in their sleep .

At the other side, when Feng Jiu returned to her courtyard ready for a bath, she saw that her courtyard was filled with people who rushed over when they saw her return .

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“Feng Jiu, you’re back? How was it? Did they make things difficult for you?” Ye Jing asked . After she had learnt what had happened inside, she found it inconceivable as she hadn’t even realised something had happened .

Feng Jiu smiled slightly: “It’s okay . They just called me over for a chat . What are you all doing here? Aren’t you tired after being inside for two week? Why don’t you go back for a rest?”

“Everyone was worried when you hadn’t returned . ” Xiao Yihan said with a smile, then asked: “So how was it? The Headmaster and two elders didn’t look happy when they left . They really didn’t make things difficult for you?”

“Look at me, does it look like they’ve tortured me or something?” She raised her eyebrow and frowned at him .

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“It doesn’t look like it . ” He grinned: “It’s incredible! We’ve come out and now you’re a Golden Core stage cultivator . Your advancement speed is abnormal . ”

“Feng Jiu, you’re really a Golden Core cultivator?”

“How did you manage to advance inside?”

“Everyone says that it’s not easy to advance into Golden Core, how did you manage to advance in such a short time?”

“Yeah, tell us!”

The Six Star Academy students looked at him earnestly, hopeful to gain some insight from him . When he had first entered their academy and advanced into Foundation stage, they were dissatisfied . However, now that he has advanced into the Golden Core stage, they were in awe .

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