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Published at 14th of February 2020 08:25:05 AM
Chapter 918: 918

While thinking, she walked outside . After passing one array after another, she reached the outermost array and she saw a figure lying on the ground, completely unconscious and covered with blood . With some surprise, she called out .

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Seeing no movement, she squatted down to check his pulse . There was still a faint pulse . She intended to leave but then noticed the spirit stone bag at the corner of her eye . She laughed .

“All right! I’ll act like a good person . ”

She reached out for the spirit stone bag and put it into space . Then she picked the man and planned to take him out . Unexpectedly, after walking some distance away, she met another student who lost his consciousness and got scratched by the stream of air .

“Whoa? Another one?” She lifted her eyebrows . When he didn’t wake up after a call, she took his spirit stone bag directly and dragged him out with one hand .

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It was the sound heard by all the students outside the spirit gathering array . It seemed to be the sound of something rubbing the ground . Each one of them felt terrified .

Was that the man coming out?

Was he really one of them?

But why didn’t they hear the sound of footsteps? Instead, there were rustling sounds?

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Until, they saw Feng Jiu in a white suit, dragging two men out . They were all struck dumb .

“Whoa? Everyone’s here?”

Feng Jiu was surprised to see the students standing at the outer part of the array . She greeted them with a smile, especially when she saw Ouyang Xiu and Xiao Yihan standing nearby .

“You two are here, too?”

As she spoke, she loosened her hands holding the two men, making them fall to the ground with a thump . Seeing those two unconscious students had their bodies full of cut wounds, the spectators gulped and stared at the smiling young man walking to their side .

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A Six Star Academy? So unexpected, he was a student of a Six Star Academy?! This man was actually a Foundation Building Peak stage before, and now is he got promoted to be a Golden Core cultivator? This, this simply made them not know what to say .

Before the other party showed up, they wanted to give him a beating once he came out . However, now they were dumbstruck to see him . A Golden Core cultivator . He had no injuries on his body . He also dragged two unconscious students by hands, walking out of the Spirit Gathering Array calmly and casually . He even greeted them with a smile . Truly…

What a goddamned greeting!

Now they’re thinking – if they hit him, they must hit him severely!

Ouyang Xiu stared at Feng Jiu like he was seeing a ghost . Seeing her coming, he couldn’t help but watch her fixedly . He looked twice from top to bottom . She was really different, the aura all over her body was different .

Was it true that she entered the Golden Core and became a Golden Core cultivator? He still wanted to surpass her . Now that he saw she had entered the mystic realm and had risen from the Foundation Building to reach binding the core stage, she was not only incredulous but also speechless due to the suffocation in his heart .

Nie Teng looked at her with a smile on his face . His heart was relaxed, not expecting that she had become a Golden Core cultivator, totally surpassing him in strength .

Only Xiao Yihan raised his head and laughed boisterously . “Hahahaha, Feng Jiu, I know it’s you . You, young lad, can do it! But I think you’ll get into trouble . ”

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