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Published at 14th of February 2020 12:35:05 AM
Chapter 916: 916

The second lightning was more powerful than the first . When the stream of air and the mighty pressure of the second lightning started sweeping in, the two students trapped inside the array passed out with bodily injuries .

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Meanwhile, the crowd outside held their breath and stared at the rolling clouds in the sky, speculating whether the third lightning would fall . If the third lightning fell, then…

At this thought, their spirits lifted up . Could it be that one of them would emerge as a Golden Core cultivator? The most loathsome thing was that they had no idea up to now on who the person inside the array was and which academy he came from .

But this time, the third lightning still didn’t strike down after a little time passed . The people outside were waiting and watching with bated breath . As the sky darkened and the night came, no one left . They even forgot to fight over others’ spirit stones . They all stared at the sky and wondered whether that scourge was successful in condensing the core?

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They were waiting from night till dawn . Not only the people outside felt uneasy, but Feng Jiu also felt uncomfortable inside the spirit gathering array . She felt all the sinews and vessels ruptured from the frenzied pouring of spirit energy breath into her body . She could even hear her veins and bones snapping . It was the feeling that she’s at the brink of death . If she didn’t jump over this hurdle, it would mean death!

But at this time, no potions and pills could help her . Only by getting through this obstacle on her own would she find relief . Only through this, she could enter another realm .

She clenched her teeth . The strength all over her body rushed up, the spirit energy breath shot up instantly to over some dozen meters high . At that moment, the spirit energy breath turned into flames . The raging blaze encircled her and burned away her clothes to ashes .

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She was sitting inside the spirit gathering array cross-legged and eyes tightly shut . A blue lotus appeared in her glabella . A little blue light interspersed with a little golden light leapt up . The green lotus seemed to be blooming .

A head of ink-jet hair was flying in the midst of the blazing flame and stream of air . The raging flame seemed to be tempering her body and sending out a whirring sound of air . At this moment, there was a roar in the sky and a flash of lightning many times more powerful than the previous two bolts of lightning fell from the sky .


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In an instant, the whole mystic realm seemed to be shaken by an earthquake . The gaggle of students standing outside felt the ground suddenly shaking . Even if they tried to stand still, suddenly the sky turned upside down so that they fell to the ground, unable to stand up .

“Hey! Look up!”

Someone gasped . He felt the air start to warp . Looking around, trees and weeds were withering at the speed of the naked eye . Seen from the distance, they were wilting at a visible speed . The whole mystic realm’s luxuriant and dense greeneries seemed to be drained of life and became a dry forest…

The great movement here not only shocked the students but also alarmed the two-star academy headmaster and the elders outside . Originally, they were getting ready to bring the students out from the mystic realm . Unexpectedly, the whole academy was shaken…

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