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Published at 13th of February 2020 12:45:05 AM
Chapter 914: 914

“Then, Feng Jiu cultivates some…demonic skill?” Ouyang Xiu hesitated, popping out the doubts in his heart .

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“Demonic skill?” Xiao Yihan was stunned and then laughed out loud . “He is about to advance . Look at the commotion . Take a look! He would definitely make a breakthrough, there’s no need to wait until tomorrow . ”

Ouyang Xiu wrung his eyebrows .  “I heard he was at the Foundation Building last year . ”

“Yeah! Foundation Building peak level . ” He nodded with a smile on his face . “Look at this, you say, will he hit the Golden Core?”

“Impossible . ” He vetoed it without thinking .

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Hearing this, Xiao Yihan was dissatisfied . “Why not? I think so . ”

“Entering the Golden Core level is not quite the same as entering the Foundation Building . Without complete assurance, who would dare to casually attack the Golden Core stage? If it’s not done well, one’s strength will be dealt with heavy losses at the least, while the heaviest impact will be death!”

Ouyang Xiu spoke coldly, “It’s less than a year since he started the Foundation Building . How can he hit the Golden Core stage? What’s more, if you want to build a foundation, you need to build the foundation for the core . And, if you want to attack a golden elixir, you need to have pills or elixirs . Both are indispensable – whether it’s the strength or the pills . ”

Xiao Yihan felt his nose and stopped speaking . He saw the sky suddenly change . Even though it’s dusk, the sky darkened at too fast a pace . The spirit energy breath was flowing into the spirit gathering array as if being sucked straight through . Even though earlier only the plants’ leaves dried up, at this moment, the tree withered quickly and completely lost its life force…

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He gasped and looked at the great changes around him . Some of them broke into cold sweats . “It’s troublesome, so troublesome . Does he want to use up all the spirit breath here?”

Nie Teng twisted his eyebrows slightly, watching the changes in the sky as well as the movement of the surrounding spirit energy . With eyes flashed, he stepped forward .

In the spirit gathering array, Feng Jiu’s face flushed up and the spirit energy breath around her rushed into her body frantically, accompanied by the plants’ life forces . A part of the spirit energy breath was absorbed by the green lotus, while the whole plants’ life forces were all taken by the green lotus . The green lotus, that originally stayed inert in her dantian, started rotating and sucking in the spirit energy breath that rushed into her body greedily .

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Her vital energy channels swelled and the spirit energy converged in her dantian . Sensing in her body that the time to advance was drawing near, she opened her eyes and took the pills and elixirs in front of her together . She stopped using her skill, leading the spiritual breath to break through the last threshold of the Foundation Building peak level!


Clouds churned in the sky as if mushroom clouds were rolling on top of the spirit gathering array . The thundering sound spreads in this small world, making the other academy students astonished .


“Heavens! How can there be lightning here?”

“Damn it! Who’s advancing here, causing so much commotion? He must want to destroy our two-star academy’s secret ground!”

Compared with the shock and disbelief of other academies’ students, after seeing the great change in this mystic realm, the Two Star academy students were furious . After their shock at the spirit energy breath in the air and plants’ life forces rushing toward one spot accompanied with trees withering and spirit energy drained, they started cursing and hurried towards the centre of the spirit gathering array…

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