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Published at 13th of February 2020 12:45:06 AM
Chapter 913: 913

Chapter 913: Prostrate in admiration

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“What’s going on? What’s this all about?”

“How did all the spirit energy go back?”

People at every corner in the forest were very surprised . All those who had been cultivating stood up and followed the spirit energy breath, wanting to know what was going on . Even those students who were battling for spirit stones could only stop and follow the others . They all wanted to know, how did this change come about?

How could the trees’ life force seem to be dwindling?

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Their hearts were filled with apprehension . They couldn’t help shouting out with a low voice and hastened their search . This is the secret place of the Two Star academy and its sacred ground for cultivating . It had consumed enormous spiritual resources to lay out a huge spirit gathering array which has existed for hundreds of years…

Such a thing had never happened before .

Unlike the others who rushed over to this secret place from other locations, those twenty people who cultivated at a not too far away from the spirit gathering array saw this scene calmly .

It was because they had found out that someone was inside the array . This phenomenon happened every once in a while as if the spirit energy breath had been sucked dry by a vampire resulting in no spirit energy breath remaining .

They had moved to other locations over and over again, from within a hundred meters to hundreds of meters . From the initial shock, rage and incredulity, now they had been able to look at all this calmly .

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Was there an evildoer cultivating inside? They wondered which academy’s evildoer actually went through many arrays to the centre . Hmph! Here they were, waiting for the scourge to come out and beat him up! Otherwise, it’s hard to dispel their anger that their cultivation was interrupted when the spirit energy got robbed .

How odd, how come today’s not quite the same as usual?” Some people commented while watching the spirit energy breath around pouring into the centre of the spirit gathering array . Even the surrounding trees’ life forces were robbed .

When Nie Teng, Ouyang Xiu and Xiao Yihan saw this scene, they also stood up one after another in shock at the dense fog in the centre of the array .

Nie Teng and Xiao Yihan knew that Feng Jiu was abnormal . Although they were shocked by the great movement, they also knew that every time Feng Jiu advanced, it would not be said that it was a quiet event . However, she only entered the Foundation Building Peak level last year . Was it possible for her to advance again after only a short interval of less than a year?

If she really advanced this time, she would enter the Golden Core stage…

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Ouyang Xiu wasn’t aware when Feng Jiu met a mishap last time . After the accident, the news was blocked . Among the three men, he knew about Feng Jiu the least . So, he was shocked when he saw this uproar .

He thought that Feng Jiu cultivated some demonic skill . Otherwise, it should have been enough to absorb spirit energy breath from the surrounding . Why didn’t she let go of the surrounding trees’ life force?

“Sigh…sigh…I knew that he’s a scourge . The spirit breath disappeared so fast that even the trees’ life forces were taken away . Won’t this secret ground get destroyed? If this is destroyed, there will be trouble . ” Xiao Yihan walked back and forth, stomping his feet . He was a little anxious and uneasy, but felt more reverence for her . He felt like prostrating in admiration in front of her .

He really had never praised a person like this . This Feng Jiu was really the first one .

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