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Published at 13th of February 2020 12:45:06 AM
Chapter 912: 912

Chapter 912: It’s that scourge

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Hearing this, Nie Teng and his group had their expression turned odd, because their minds had unanimously thought of Feng Jiu .

Out of the many students, only Feng Jiu could get inside this spirit gathering array . They previously felt this odd . How could the three of them, even other academies’ students, found out this place, while Feng Jiu was not in sight?

It turned out that she went into the centre of the spirit gathering array .

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That’s it . If that’s the case, then this strange decrease of spirit energy could be justified .

At this time, Feng Jiu didn’t pay attention to the people outside . She was cultivating in earnest . The spirit energy breath entered her body happily as if it had found its mother . It melted with the spirit breath in her body .

“Damn it! The array won’t break! We can’t cultivate without the spirit energy!”

One of them scolded . He looked at the array, intending to try getting in again . They all studied arrays, but they only knew some relatively common and simple ones . For example, they hadn’t learned about the array that protected the spirit gathering array and isolated people . Therefore, even if they wanted to try to solve it, the success rate was very low .

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With this in mind, some students who wanted to get in tried to solve the array, while others gritted their teeth in frustration and tried to switch to another location . If they went to a place further away, the spirit energy breath wouldn’t get sparser like this place . Granted, the spirit energy breath there might be thinner, but it was better than getting their cultivation interrupted unexpectedly in this place .

Some students who were in disbelief were firmly set on going . But after several attempts, some were trapped inside and couldn’t get out . They had to call for help, but unfortunately, no one paid any attention to them . Some who had tried several times came out dejected and depressed . They cursed out, totally flustered and exasperated . Finally, they left, flinging their sleeves away .

Looking at this scene, Nie Teng’s eyes flickered . His gaze fell on the deepest part of the spirit gathering array, the place isolated by the dense fog . Was she cultivating inside? Only she could make so many people at a complete loss!

Left with this feeling and unable to vent it, they could only turn around quietly and went to cultivate at another location a distance away .

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Ouyang Xiu pursed his lips and stared at the dense fog . He asked Xiao Yihan, “Is Feng Jiu in there?”

“Hahaha, I heard that you lost to him and recognized him as your Master? How can you call your Master by name?” Xiao Yihan looked at him playfully . He could only stroke his chin seeing Ouyang Xiu’s face turned gloomy and left with his sleeves flicked away .

His sight fell on the dense fog and shook his head . “This scourge . ” With a sigh, he could only turn around and walk away . If he got too close, he would be hurt . However, he could not walk away too far . At least when she came out, they could run into each other .

As time went by, the days inside the array seemed to pass by peacefully . The closer the time to go out, the fiercer the tussle among the students .

However, at nightfall on the day before the designated date, while some students were cultivating and some others were fighting, suddenly the whole spirit ground seemed to undergo some weird transformations . It was as if the trees around them had been stripped of life force and the spirit energy breath in the air was decreasing at a rate visible to the naked eye . Even at various locations in this great spirit ground, all of the spirit energy breath rushed toward the centre of the spirit gathering array…

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