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Chapter 898: 898

“Is his strength greater than mine?” He asked in a calm voice .

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Amongst the ten students, Nie Teng, Ouyang Xiu and Xiao Yihan had all glanced at him when they heard his question . The two people at the front had not spoken, but their expressions were disdainful . As for Xiao Yihan, he had sneered when he heard that .

“Don’t you know that his strength is greater than yours? If he wasn’t, then how did you end up there?”

As for Feng Jiu, she stood beside Ye Jing seemingly unbothered about what was going on, the two of them deep in conversation .

Upon hearing Xiao Yihan’s words, Student Geng, pursed his lips, showing his obvious disbelief . He therefore turned his attention to Feng Jiu who was wearing the uniform from the Spirit Division: “Feng Jiu, do you dare to compete with me? If I were to lose, I will admit defeat willingly! Otherwise, I will continue to pursue this!”

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Seeing that he had picked on her purposely, Feng Jiu let out a sigh and glanced at him: “But you really aren’t my match . I feel bad to go against someone weaker than me . ”

Upon hearing this, Student Geng’s expression was gloomy: “You!”

“Enough of this nonsense!” Deputy Headmaster shouted in a deep voice, his stern eyes were fixed on Student Geng . “You are no match for him . Our decision was discussed in detail before we came to it . It is our decision that he will replace you! Besides, he has been a Foundation Formation Stage cultivator since last year . Do you think that you, a Great Spirit Master can defeat a Foundation Formation Stage cultivator?”

Student Geng was dumbfounded . Foundation Formation Stage cultivator? Feng Jiu? He was already a Foundation Formation Stage cultivator? How, how was this possible?

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Not only him, but the surrounding students were also dumbfounded as they could not believe it . After all, he had only entered the academy last year, how could he have already been a Foundation Formation Stage cultivator? Why had they not heard about it? They were too secretive about it .

“Yes, we can testify that Feng Jiu is indeed a Foundation Formation Stage cultivator . Not only you, we aren’t even worthy opponents against him . . ” Ye Jing spoke . She was ranked number five in the top ten, her strength was much stronger than Student Geng . If she wasn’t even a match for Feng Jiu, let alone him .

When Student Geng heard that, he was gobsmacked and just stared at Feng Jiu in silence .

“Okay, let’s go . We don’t want to be late . ” The Deputy Headmaster said and walked out .

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This time, he had just stood and watched, but not muttered another word . No matter how proud he was, and how much he didn’t want to admit it, for Deputy Headmaster and Ye Jing to speak about Feng Jiu this way, then it must most definitely be true .

Everyone watched them walk outside and followed along . When they got to the main entrance of the academy, they saw the Deputy Headmaster give a wave of his sleeve, and an airship appeared in front of them .

“Everyone, get onto the airship . ” The Deputy Headmaster said and waited for everyone to get on .

The chosen ten were not only the strongest in the academy, but also had a good family background . Hence, they weren’t in awe when they saw the airship, but rather just stepped onto the airship in a calm manner .

Finally, the two teachers, Deputy Headmaster and Mo Chen also alighted the airship . After the airship had lifted off the ground and headed towards the sky, the crowd that gathered at the entrance came out of their reverie as they stared enviously at the airship that disappeared into the clouds . Finally, they turned around and went back into the academy .

One day, they will also be able to go to a Second Grade Country, even a First Grade Country, and enter the One Star academy there!

Before that, they had to work hard .

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