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Published at 8th of February 2020 05:20:08 AM
Chapter 897: 897

Chapter 897: I don’t accept this

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Seen from a close distance, the figure in white walked in light and steady pace . His posture was excellent and his robe was fluttering like a deity . When he appeared, many young female students’ eyes sent off pink hearts . They looked at him with adoring, shy and excited gazes .

And yet, that immortal-like-man acted as if he had not seen the crowd around him . He glanced at Feng Jiu’s face . A smile seemed to emerge from his lip corners when he saw her astonished look .

He walked to the Deputy Headmaster slowly . After a few words with him, the Deputy Headmaster faced the crowd and announced, “Since everyone’s here, let’s start our journey!”

“Yes . ” Everyone assented . Just when they were about to follow him out of the academy gate, someone called out .

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The crowd was startled . They looked back and saw that he was a student of the Spirit division . Someone recognized him . He was one of the academy’s original Ten Proud Children of Heaven . However, in addition to Xiao Yihan, who won third place in the quota, the bottom rank was forced out because of Feng Jiu .

Unlike Xiao Yihan, who seized the quota after winning the challenge, Feng Jiu was directly chosen by the Headmaster without fighting with the original ten elites . Therefore, the majority were puzzled and dissatisfied with the Headmaster’s decision, except for those who knew about Feng Jiu’s strength .

“That’s Senior Brother Geng . Because Feng Ju is the internal candidate, Senior Brother Geng, the 10th rank, was forced out . ”

“Senior Brother Geng’s was originally above the tenth rank . But, last year, people who were ranked lower surpassed him . After the start of the term’s competition this year, his rank got lower and he was at the bottom of the list and failed to participate in the academy competition . However, I think he’s more powerful than Feng Jiu . ”

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“Yes, I think so too . But it’s possible that Feng Jiu’s behind-the-scenes backer is stronger than Senior Brother Geng’s . Or else, he won’t be able to push Senior Brother Geng out without even a match . ”

“It’s said that Feng Jiu came from the ninth-grade country . However, when he met a mishap last year, the whole academy’s teachers were all dispatched to save him . I think his background is not ordinary . ”

“Don’t mention that . Look! From his stance, isn’t he here to challenge Feng Jiu? Since it was decided behind closed doors, perhaps Deputy Headmaster let him mess around?”

Their sights fell on Senior Brother Geng then at Feng Jiu again, speculating . These two were not going to fight, right?

“Is there something wrong?” The Deputy Headmaster asked the student surnamed Geng .

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“Deputy Headmaster, I don’t accept this . ” His voice was glum, directly indicating his thoughts . His gaze swept the crowd and fell on Feng Jiu . “On what basis does he represent the academy? I don’t accept this . Can he be stronger than me as he came last year as a new student? I don’t accept this – I will challenge him! ”

Hearing this, the Deputy Headmaster frowned . “This is the academy’s rule after some deliberations . We have our own reason to replace you . Go back! Don’t delay our departure . ”

There was a hint of displeasure in his voice . He knew Feng Jiu’s strength very well . Both the Headmaster and he regarded Feng Jiu as the most important . They might have a chance to get to the top three this time because Feng Jiu was there .

She was the only one with the best chance . The decision to take her as an internal candidate in the competition had gone through many discussions with the Headmaster and several teachers . Naturally, there’s nothing improper about this selection .

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