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Published at 4th of February 2020 10:25:05 AM
Chapter 896: 896

“You’re here too, my dear disciple?” Feng Jiu greeted him . Seeing his ashen and resentful look, she laughed out loud . “Don’t you need to greet your Master? Quick, let me hear you . ”

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Her voice was neither loud nor soft, but it was heard by all the people around her . They looked at the two with astonishment .

How did that come about? What was this teacher and disciple thing? Was the relationship between the two getting better? They remembered that last year, Senior Ouyang always said that he wanted to challenge Feng Jiu . However, it seemed that he had not managed to challenge her?

Could it be that something had happened without their knowledge?

“Don’t go too far . ” He glared at the person smiling with her eyes narrowed to a squint in front of him . He admonished her with a muffled voice .

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“Hey! It was your own will . How can you say that I overdid this? Don’t you know, a teacher for a day is a teacher for life? Since I agreed to be your teacher, then you are my disciple . Don’t worry, I will recognize you . ” She chuckled and looked at him playfully .

Ouyang Xiu opened his mouth but found himself unable to find words to answer her . Finally, he just snorted . “Rest assured that I will defeat you!” As soon as he finished speaking, he walked past her and stood behind the deputy headmaster .

Feng Jiu smiled with her hands folded across her chest . This disciple truly regarded face as all-important . He was clearly not her opponent .

“Feng Jiu, why did you call Senior Ouyang your disciple? You and him…” Ye Jing was somewhat curious . Didn’t she avoid him last year! Why did it seem that Ouyang Xiu was the one avoiding her now?

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“Oh, didn’t he keep saying he was going to challenge me last year? Afterwards, he rushed to block me midway . Finally, I told him to call me his teacher if he’s lost . Since I won in the end, he naturally became my disciple . ” Her smile deepened .

Ye Jing nodded . “So that’s what’s happened . ”

“Strange, isn’t everyone here? Who are we waiting for? ” She asked, seeing that all the ten students, as well as the deputy headmaster and the two teachers, had arrived . However, they didn’t intend to leave, as if still waiting for someone .

“I don’t know . Maybe there’s a teacher who hasn’t arrived yet!”

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“Feng Jiu . ” Xiao Yihan strode over and was about to tap her shoulder to say hi . However, he remembered that she was a woman and withdrew his hand . “I heard that you have been cultivating since your return . Has your cultivation advance recently?”

She smiled at him . “Not at all . I’ve been refining pills more recently . On the other hand, your cultivation has advanced by leaps and bounds in this short period of time!”

“Hahaha, naturally . I’ve done a lot of hard work . I was going to have a contest with Guan Xilin, but he hasn’t returned . It’s a pity that he missed the academy competition . ”

“There will be more opportunities . Maybe my brother got a real-world experience now, better than we are at the academy . ”

“I agree wholeheartedly . It’s the real fight out there – using real swords and real spears . You aren’t worried about his strength level while out in the world?” He couldn’t help but wonder, seeing that she didn’t look worried at all . It’s reasonable to say that since their relationship was so close, she should be anxious that Guan Xilin hadn’t been back for so long!

“He is tactful . ” She said with a smile . She saw a figure in white coming from a distance from the corner of her eyes . When she saw the figure, her lips curved . Oh, no! He’s going too?

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