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Published at 30th of January 2020 01:35:06 AM
Chapter 892: 892

Chapter 892: A total defeat

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Behind him, Leng Shuang and others also came out . Their bodies bore traces of fierce fighting . Obviously, they had a battle with the people who had sneaked into the back of the mountain .

“Master, the people at the back of the mountain are all settled . ”

Bai Xiao yelled . When he saw the demonic Nascent Soul cultivator took a step to retreat, he picked up the musical instrument in his hand and put it on his mouth . As the instrument sounded, the fierce beasts turned frantic and tore at those cultivators . Even without their participation in the fight, the demonic cultivators who could not lift their spirit energy were torn to pieces by the fierce beasts’ claws .

Their shrill screams were followed by a pungent scent of blood . In less than the time it took a column of incense to burn, badly mutilated bodies were scattered on the ground . None of that dozens of the demonic cultivators survived…

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They heard a miserable scream . Bai Xiao and others saw the demonic Nascent Soul cultivator’s leg was chopped off by the Qingfeng sword while still flying in the air . He fell down to the ground, unable to stand .

Feng Jiu stepped closer, looking at the demonic cultivator who was struggling and howling on the ground and was covered with blood . Her eyes were filled with killing intent . “Thinking about how to die?”

The demonic cultivator’s hands and feet were chopped off, unable to dodge or escape . He could only slump to the ground and stared at Feng Jiu’s murderous look . “Who the hell are you? How can a Foundation Building peak level cultivator hurt me to this point? Who the hell are you! ”

“Oh, dare to provoke me without knowing who I am?” She sneered and pointed toward his Dantian with the sharp sword in her hand . “Don’t think to escape using your Nascent Soul . Hardly any of those who I wanted to kill could escape . ”

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The demonic Nascent Soul cultivator turned pale . Large beads of sweat seeped from his forehead . He stared at Feng Jiu in front of him and smiled with a cold calculation . He bit his teeth and wanted to explode himself . Unexpectedly, Feng Jiu, who had already seen his intention, shot several silver needles in her hand . He laid paralyzed as if losing consciousness .

“Take him back and don’t let him die easily . ” As she spoke in a cold voice, she took a glance at the dead demonic cultivators . “Clean up . ” Finished giving this command, she stepped into the manor .

She still couldn’t let go of her tension after killing those people . Xiang Hua wouldn’t return to life again . Even though he didn’t stay with her for long, his oath seemed to reverberate in her mind .

But, such a person was already dead .

She knew that it might be just the beginning . This matter was still unresolved . As long as she stayed on this road, people around her might face all this, being worn out and even die because of her .

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They watched her walk to the manor holding the Qingfeng sword . They couldn’t help sighing, not knowing what to say . They’d better listen to her command and deal with the matter at hand quickly .

Xiang Hua’s death dealt them a blow . It also gave them a warning . If someone truly wanted their life and calculated them, they would either get slaughtered or preyed in their current strength .

“Go back and bandage those who are seriously injured . Those with light wounds should clean up the site with me . ” Du Fan ordered . He dealt with the corpses outside with the help of the men with slight injuries .

Luo Yu, with the others’ help, moved the demonic Nascent Soul cultivator into the dungeon and then left . When he came up again, the two men gazed toward Feng Jiu’s courtyard and sighed . Then, they went back to their rooms to deal with the wounds .

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