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Chapter 887: 887

After he had taken the antidote and with the help of acupuncture, it wasn’t long before the purple colour on a comatose Fan Lin’s face faded and he woke up . At this time, Du Fan’s voice rang out from outside .

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“Master, the information is here . ”

“Come in . ” Feng Jiu said and she kept the golden needles as she looked at Du Fan . She saw that the poison hadn’t taken effect in him and gave him the antidote: “This is the antidote . After you have taken it, don’t use your power for an hour . ”

“Yes . ” He took the antidote and handed over the information at the same time .

“Take these antidotes to Luo Yu and the rest . ”

She took the information and walked outside to take a look . She saw that there was just a simple task on the information . The task didn’t look suspicious, nor was it dangerous . But the problem was that the person who ordered the task had insisted that Xiang Hua was the one to carry out the task .

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Why did he specify Xiang Hua to carry out the task? The mission was fake, it was a trap to murder him?

Why did he want to kill Xiang Hua? And why search for a soul? Who was this person? To be able to capture a Golden Core peak cultivator alive to search for a soul, this person had the characteristics of a Nascent Soul cultivator!

“Oh no! Oh no!” Bai Xiao came running in from outside, his face was full of panic . When he saw Feng Jiu, he said quickly: “Someone has sneaked in from the back of the mountain!”

When Feng Jiu heard this, her eyes flashed with a cold chill: “Someone has sneaked in from the back of the mountain?”

“Yes, quite a few people dressed in black . A mole that I had trained previously came to tell me . They have sneaked in stealthily and are hiding in the woods . Leng Shuang and the rest are guarding the manor, that’s why they haven’t come over yet . But I don’t know what they are doing . What shall we do now?”

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He was a little worried . There were only a few of them at the manor, and some of them have been poisoned . Xiang Hua was dead and before they could find out who did it, someone had actually sneaked in from the back of the mountain . What did they want? It was clear that they were after them .

While he was talking, a gray-white mouse peeked out of his arms and ran all over him .

Feng Jiu glanced at the mouse, closed the pages of the information in her hands and instructed: “Don’t you know how to train beasts? Leave the problem at the back of the mountains to me . Watch closely . ”

He froze and looked at her icy face, her whole body exuded a murderous chill . He replied: “Yes . ”

He could train beasts, he wasn’t a useless person . There were at least a hundred fierce beasts and spirit beasts, even if his fighting ability was not strong enough, the beasts could fight the enemy .

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He left swiftly with the intention of keeping an eye on things at the back of the mountain . No matter what, he couldn’t let those people get into the manor .

Feng Jiu gave Du Fan some instructions, to look after the few people who had not yet recovered from the poison . She went out to the front and saw Leng Shuang and Leng Hua who were patrolling around the manor . When they saw her, the both of them went over immediately .

“Master . ” The two of them greeted, before they could say anymore, they were called over by Feng Jiu .

“Is anything happening out front?” Feng Jiu asked .

“We haven’t seen anyone, but it looks like someone has touched the formation . I went out to take a look and something is amiss . It looks like we have been surrounded by a large number of people who seem to be keeping a watch on us . ”

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu frowned and instructed: “From now on, don’t take any action alone . ”

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