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Published at 18th of January 2020 12:15:05 AM
Chapter 866: 866

Upon hearing this, their expressions changed, the head innkeeper looked worried . What was the meaning of this? If the boy in front of him was indeed Feng Jiu, it meant that the one upstairs was an imposter and was taking advantage of them .

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However, that person was refusing to come downstairs . If the Feng Jiu in front of him were to leave and the one upstairs stayed, and the person who had booked the rooms found out, they would certainly have to take responsibility .

He was in a dilemma . He was about to go upstairs himself when he heard the voice of the young boy beside him .

“Head innkeeper right?” Feng Jiu looked at the middle aged man and revealed a smile .

“Yes, yes, Young Master, this matter……I’m so sorry, I will go upstairs to take a look . ” He said apologetically and bowed before he took his leave .

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Feng Jiu smiled and said: ” It’s okay, after all, I didn’t book the rooms, and I don’t know who booked them . The person didn’t leave his name and I don’t like to owe favours . Since someone is now staying in the rooms, then so be it! I will look for another inn . ”

“But, if the person who booked the rooms came to look for Young Master and can’t find you… . . ” The head innkeeper was a little hesitant . Although he knew that it was to their advantage, but he was afraid of incurring the wrath of the person who booked the rooms if he found out .

“It’s fine, leave it as that!” She waved her hands and started to leave . However, at this moment, an object was thrown from the second floor and struck Leng Hua .

“Ugh . ”

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A force of dark energy struck as Leng Hua caught the object, he was pushed back several steps by the force of the object striking him . A trickle of blood appeared at the corners of his mouth .

Leng Shuang rushed to hold him up and glared vehemently up at the second floor .

Feng Jiu was already on her way out when she heard the commotion behind her . She stopped and turned around . When she saw the money bag in Leng Hua’s hands and the trickle of blood from his mouth, she frowned, her eyes turned cold and she glared up at the second floor .

“My master said he is not taking advantage of you, that is five hundred gold coins . You can take that and find another inn to stay . ” On the second floor was a woman in black robes, her chin lifted slightly as she stared at Feng Jiu’s party of three in contempt .

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When they saw this, the two innkeepers frowned, they were also cultivators and could tell that the Feng Jiu downstairs was not a cultivator . The cultivation levels of the man and woman with him were also quite low, one of them was a martial arts master, the other was beginner spiritual cultivator .

Although the woman on the second floor was a lackey, but her cultivation level was that of a Great Spirit Master . Even if the three people downstairs were to combine their forces, they wouldn’t be able to defeat her .

Because he knew that they were not the opponents of the woman upstairs, the head innkeeper was about to say something to appease the situation when he saw the young boy in red come forward .

He took the bag of money from Leng Hua’s hands and weighed it over in his hands, then looked at the woman on the second floor and smiled crookedly .

“Five hundred gold coins? Isn’t it a bit too little?”

The two innkeepers were dumbfounded and the woman on the second floor looked back in disdain .

At this point, they had already attracted the attention of all the guests in the inn . They looked at the boy in red clothes holding the bag of coins in his hand, then at the woman on the second floor . Their expressions couldn’t help but change .

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