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Published at 16th of January 2020 08:04:52 PM
Chapter 864

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"You don't look like you need money, why do you want to learn how to make counterfeit herbs?" He asked with a puzzled expression .

"You just need to teach me, you don't have to know why . "

"But making counterfeit medicinal herbs is very complicated, it's not something I can explain in a few sentences . " He grimaced: "Also, I don't have the time to teach you all the time . "

Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and said: "You only need to demonstrate it to me once . "

When he realised that he was unable to get rid of her, the man sighed then took out a medicinal herb from his bag and said: "Then watch closely, I will only show you once . It's up to you whether you are able to learn or not . You can't keep pestering me . "

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He paused then continued: "Even though it's counterfeit, it is still medicine and it won't kill you if you eat it . The only thing that is different is that the effects of the medicine is not quite the same . Look at the old mountain ginseng, it is made using white radish . First you do this . . . . "

Because he had all kinds of things inside his cosmos sack, so it was quite convenient making the counterfeit medicinal herbs . He was making it while explaining it to Feng Jiu and after about an hour, the old mountain ginseng was ready .

"To make it more realistic, you can rub some dirt on it . As for other medicinal herbs, you have to use similar looking foods so that the process of making it is easier . "

"I know how to make the old mountain ginseng now . What about the others?" She asked as she inspected the counterfeit old mountain ginseng . If you aren't a connoisseur, you could really be easily fooled .  

She had seen many counterfeit medicinal herbs, but this man's good are the most realistic ones she'd seen . If she learnt this technique, she may have some use for it in the future .  

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Upon hearing this, the man grabbed his bag and stepped backwards . He stared at Feng Jiu warily: "You said earlier I only need to show you once . "

"That's right . " She smiled like a sly fox: "However, I know how to make counterfeit old mountain ginseng, but I don't know how to make any others! Besides you probably have a manual, don't you?"

"You, don't even think about getting my manual!" As soon as he finished speaking, he saw that the boy in red had moved to stand right in front of him .

"But you were the one who came to provoke me . You think you can get rid of me with something like this? That's too easy to you!"

His scalp felt numb as he looked at the young boy's weird smile, regret filled his heart, if he had known that the young boy was so troublesome, he wouldn't have come after him .  

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"Do you want to do it yourself? Or shall I do it?" Feng Jiu asked, showing no shame about robbing someone .  

She had always treated people how they treated her . Since he dared to fool her with counterfeit medicinal herbs, naturally she would draw blood .  

"You're ruthless!" He said through gritted teeth . He took out the manual and gave it to her .

Feng Jiu took the manual and looked through it . She nodded and said: "Well, it's not bad . The instructions are clearer than your demonstration . Fine, don't say that I'm taking advantage of you . Leng Hua, give him one hundred silver coins . Take it as I'm buying the manual from you . "

"Yes . " Leng Hua took out the money and gave it to the man .

The man's mouth twitched . One hundred silver coins? His livelihood depended on the manual and it was worth one hundred silver coins? He accepted the money through gritted teeth . It was better than nothing .  

After the man kept the money bag, he fled and disappeared without a trace . It was like he was afraid that Feng Jiu might change her mind and want something else from him again .  

"Master, we can't use the counterfeit medicinal herbs, why do want to learn how to make it?" Leng Hua asked puzzled .

"Who knows! Maybe one day it will come in handy . " She said with a smile and kept the manual, then walked towards the First Inn .  

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