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Published at 4th of January 2020 10:59:02 PM
Chapter 839

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"It's the New Year! How could I not come back? Besides, I've heard from Leng Shuang and others that Grandmother is pregnant, so of course, I have to come back . " She smiled, with both eyes squinted to half-moon . She took his hand and said, "Grandfather, I also bring you a New Year's gift . "

"Hahaha, good, good . I know you're a considerate girl . " He nodded happily and patted her hand .

"You immediately forgot your father after seeing your grandfather, didn't you? Why didn't I hear you bring me a present?" Feng Xiao's voice came from behind . Although it was solemn, it still carried an unconcealed smile .

 "I got presents for all of you . " She started laughing . When she looked back, she saw the little guy standing beside her father was staring at her . She laughed, "I also have one for Little Hell's Lord . "

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 "Little Hell's Lord? This child is?" The Old Patriarch's gaze fell on the Little Hell's Lord's face that resembled Xuanyuan Mo Ze's . His eyes shrunk . "Has Mohan married? How old is the child?"

His face darkened . Seeing such a child, he instinctively thought that Ling Mohan might have married . Otherwise, how could this child look exactly like him?

"Grandfather, I'm his little brother, not his son . He hasn't married her yet! Where's the son from?" The little guy made a salute to the Old Patriarch Feng like a small adult . While speaking, his gaze fell on Feng Jiu .

When he heard his explanation, Old Patriarch Feng's expression relaxed . "Little brother? It's good as long as you're not his son . If he's been out concealing the fact that he's stealthily married from us, don't expect me to marry my granddaughter to him . "

"Don't worry, Grandfather . That won't happen . " The young and tender voice gave him assurance . When the crowd listened to him, they had different thoughts in their minds . They couldn't help staring at him .

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However, he stood upright with a serious look . Set off by the low-key but luxurious small black robe, nobody was able to find any fault in him . He was so elegant and noble that everyone got convinced .

 "Come here, let Grandpa hold you . "

He bent down and tried to hug him, but the little guy stepped back and shook his head . He said with a straight face, "I don't need to be hugged . "

Everyone who heard this, except for the Old Patriarch, looked slightly shocked and then laughed .

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Its' that he didn't need other people to hug him, not that he didn't need to be hugged, right?

The party walked while chatting toward the Old Patriarch's palace . When they reached his palace, they finally saw Su Xi carrying a big stomach and radiating a motherly love .

 "Grandmother . "

Feng Jiu gave her a salute with a smile and her eyes fell on her stomach . "Grandmother is about to give birth?"

 "Little Feng is back!" Su Xi pulled her hand urging her to sit down and said with a smile . "It should be born after the New Year . "

"Then I'll stay until Grandmother gives birth to my little uncle . " She said with a smile .

"If you are not in a hurry to go to the academy, you should stay at home for extra days . Your grandfather always talks about you, saying that you would stay away for a year . You've never tried to go so far from home before and he is always worried that you will not have enough to eat and will be bullied outside . "

Feng Jiu laughed loudly when she heard this . "I'm always the one who bullies people . Who can bully me?"

"The boy is really good-looking . He must be only three or four years old?" She looked at Little Hell's Lord, standing quietly at the side . Since she was soon to become a mother, she particularly loved seeing little kids .

So, she picked up a small red fruit on the table and handed it to him . "Here, it's for you . "

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