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Published at 28th of December 2019 04:40:04 PM
Chapter 831: 831

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Nie Teng stood facing the horse and gazed at Feng Jiu, who was sitting on horseback . His expression changed as his eyes swept over the little boy in front of her .

"What matter does it have with you?" Feng Jiu looked back at him and spoke with a chilly voice . "Get out of the way . "

"Where are you going? I'll see you off . " "He said in a tense voice .

"Thanks, no need to trouble you . " After she finished speaking, she pulled the rein nudged at the horse's belly and passed him by .

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Watching them riding leisurely ahead, he stood still and quietly watching . When that figure finally disappeared from his line of sight, he revoked his gaze .

"Master, do you want us to take her back?" A man in black suddenly appeared by his side . Nie Teng glanced over him after he uttered his words .

The man in black was startled . He quickly lowered his head and retreated, not daring to look straight at Nie Teng's eyes . As he was retreating, at the corner of his eye, he saw Nie Teng on his sword following behind Feng Jiu .

Seeing this, he was slightly shocked, but he could only keep up .

On the main peak of the college, a white figure looking at the red-dressed woman riding a white horse gradually fading into the distance . . .

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As for Ouyang Xiu, he was defeated in the first battle because he couldn't even touch Feng Jiu's clothes and had to acknowledge her as his master . It made him very irritated and inspired his cultivation intent . He had intended to go back, but the defeat in this battle made him immerse himself in cultivation and didn't go back .

"What do you think he's after? He's been with us all the way . " Old White stepped forward and glanced back at Nie Teng who was far behind . The horse was extremely puzzled .

The human mind was hard to understand . As the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country, Nie Teng wanted to forcibly seize and marry his Mistress as a side concubine! The scene was bloody . It didn't expect that he would follow the Mistress again . It's unknown what he wanted to do .

"Go on your path and don't care about other's affairs . " Feng Jiu reached out and took out a piece of fruit from the space and handed it to Little Hell's Lord . "Here's for you to eat . "

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The little guy closed his eyes and leaned against her bosom . Without even looking at it, he said, "I won't eat it . "

"Little boy, you're too picky . " She didn't care . If he didn't eat it, she would eat it herself . But she noticed that the little guy in her bosom didn't stay calm . He either turned his head and moved around or he would adjust his sitting posture .

"What happened? Are you uncomfortable? " She asked as she ate the fruit, putting one hand around his waist to prevent him from falling off the horse .

"Why are you fooling around?" He suddenly opened his eyes and asked . His delicate little face was filled with distress .

"Ah?" Feng Jiu was startled . "Fooling around? I didn't! " She didn't have that kind of spare time .

"No? What's with this guy? And what about that gigolo? The way he's looking at you was fishy . " Like a husband who knocked over the vinegar jar, he did not let go at all .

It's alright if he were a grown man . However, unfortunately, his appearance was a small child . The look on his face made one laugh .

"You care too much about other people's business . Tell me, are you really only three or four years old?" Her eyes were full of doubt . She thought three or four-year-old children were smart, but couldn't possibly this smart?

"Those people are eyesores . "

He frowned and spoke with pursed lips . When his face turned grim, Feng Jiu had the illusion that the child in front of him was that Hell's Lord .

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